Senior Care in Lakewood CO: How to Deal with Stiffness Caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis


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How to Deal with Stiffness Caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis

If your aging relative has rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you may have heard them complain about how difficult it can be to get out of bed and get moving in the morning. The problem is likely because of stiffness in their joints that occurs after long periods of inactivity, such as when they are sleeping. It’s a common problem in people with RA. Up to 89 percent of people with the condition experience morning stiffness. Fortunately, senior care providers can assist older adults who deal with RA stiffness to ease the problem. Below are some ways they can help.

Start Slowly

People with RA shouldn’t expect to jump out of bed and be active immediately. Instead, it can help to lay or sit in bed for a moment and move joints before standing up. Senior care providers can assist the older adult to bend their limbs and flex each joint. When it is time to stand, a senior care provider can offer support to make sure the person gets up safely.

Take Medication Right Away

If your aging relative takes medication for their RA symptoms, they should take the first dose right away in the morning. In fact, they might even want to take it before they even get out of bed. Consider placing the medication and a glass of water on the table next to their bed. A senior care provider can remind them to take it when they come to help them out of bed in the morning.

Use Heat

Warmth can help ease stiffness in joints. Older adults could take a warm morning bath or shower. Or, they could use a heating pad. If the senior suffers from stiffness in their hands and feet, putting on mittens and warm socks in the morning can help. A senior care provider can assist them to get safely in and out of the bath or shower. They can also help put on socks and mittens, which might be difficult with stiff joints.

Encourage Exercise

Having stiff joints may make your aging relative reluctant to exercise, but it will help them to relieve RA symptoms. Even just a couple of minutes in the morning can help joints to get moving. One way to ease stiffness is by slowly pedaling on a stationary bicycle. A senior care provider can assist them to get on the bike and standby to ensure they don’t injure themselves.


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