Keep the Flu Away With These Six Tips


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Keep the Flu Away With These Six Tips

Since flu season began, there have been more than 54,300 diagnosed cases of the flu. This only counts cases that were proven through cultures. Many people with the flu don't go to the doctor unless symptoms become concerning.

Get the Flu Shot

Hopefully, your parents have already had their flu shots. The ideal time to get them is before the flu season really kicks into high gear. If they haven't, it's not too late. Insurance plans usually cover the vaccination. Unless your parent has an allergy or medical reason for not getting vaccinated, there's no reason to skip it.

Wash Hands Often

Your parents should make it a habit to wash their hands as often as possible. When they touch a doorknob in a public location, use a public keypad, or shake hands within someone else, they need to wash their hands in hot, soapy water.

Don't Touch Areas of the Face

Viruses enter your parent's body through the nose or mouth. If your parent resists the urge to touch the face, it can help keep your parent from contracting the flu. They need to resist the urge to itch the nose or eat finger foods before having washed the hands.

Carry Hand Sanitizer

It's not always possible to wash hands right after using a keypad at a store or opening a door to a bank. If there is no way to wash hands, hand sanitizer helps kill germs. Your parents should carry hand sanitizer with them in a purse, coat pocket, or car glove box.

Avoid People Who Are Sick

You can't always tell when someone has the flu. The virus is there before the first symptoms show up. If your parent is in a store or public building where someone is coughing a lot, they should avoid those people.

For example, they're in a store and notice a guy coughing in the produce area. He's not covering his mouth. It's best to avoid the area where he is and touching the items he touches.

Wear a Medical Mask in Public Situations

Some seniors have immune deficiencies. If your parents are in that situation, they should not be embarrassed to put on a medical mask before going out. Even if they don't have problems with the immune system, a medical mask can help them from getting the flu when they're out in public.

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