Elderly Care in Golden CO: No More Lonely Seniors with Elderly Care Providers


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No More Lonely Seniors with Elderly Care Providers

Millions of elderly Americans are very lonely as their social lives slow down with age. Because their family members get very busy with other responsibilities, seniors are often left alone for many hours and even days at home. Social factors such as retirement, poor health, distance, disability and death of loved ones also contribute to lonely and isolated seniors. Many families are recognizing how detrimental chronic loneliness is to their elderly relatives, and they are hiring elderly care providers for companionship.

Loneliness Is Bad for Senior Health

Too many family caregivers are only focused on their aging relative’s physical health. However, mental health is also important for seniors to stay happy and healthy. Studies show that chronic loneliness can lead to all kinds of problems that seniors must face. Too much isolation can lead to issues like mood swings, pessimism, irritability, and anger. It’s also been linked to an acceleration of dementia and cognitive decline.

Physically, loneliness can have a serious impact on seniors. Chronic loneliness leads to stress, which can weaken the immune system, trigger high blood pressure and strain the heart, boosting the risk of heart disease. Isolation and loneliness also contribute to depression and anxiety in elderly adults. Family caregivers who don’t want their aging loved one to suffer from loneliness should investigate hiring an elderly care provider.

Elderly Care Providers Banish Loneliness in Seniors

So, what can family caregivers do for aging relatives to ensure they aren’t socially isolated and struggling with chronic loneliness? The safest and most effective solution is to hire an elderly care provider. Professional and compassionate, an elderly care provider can be with the aging adult for a few hours per week to every single day. It just depends on the elderly person’s needs and preferences. When visiting, the elderly care provider can chat, play card games, watch TV and more with the senior. While they are there, the elderly care provider can also do light housework, laundry and prepare meals.

Another advantage of hiring an elderly care provider is that they can take the aging adult on outings. Whether they go to the park, the grocery store or to a community event, the aging adult and their elderly care provider can spend time out of the house. Family caregivers can play a big part in arranging for these outings by asking their elderly loved one what they might want to do.

Any elderly adult that is frequently alone and acts irritated, sad or withdrawn may be struggling with chronic loneliness. Instead of being alone, aging adults need the support and love from family members, as well as friends, community members, and elderly care providers. In order for them to be as happy as possible, seniors could really use an elderly care provider.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Golden, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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