Caregivers in Arvada CO: Tips for Keeping Seniors Cool When It's Too Hot Outside


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Tips for Keeping Seniors Cool When It's Too Hot Outside

Many states have recently experienced heat waves. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and even respiratory distress from ground-level ozone are all risks in a heat wave. At least one senior citizen's death is already blamed on the hot weather. The 70-year-old woman's air conditioner stopped working days earlier. It's hot outside, so you've got to make sure your parent stays cool and stays safe.

Draw in Cooler Air at Night

In the night, run window fans to draw cooler air into the family home. Before the sun rises, remove the fans, shut all windows and blinds, and turn on floor fans. The fans will circulate the cooler night air and keep the house cooler for longer. If your parent has a hard time with the fans, get someone to stop by and set them up as the sun starts to set.

Invest in Energy Saving Air Conditioners

Many seniors hate using air conditioners because they do drive up electricity usage. There are ways to lower the cost. Energy star air conditioners only run the evaporator, condenser, and compressor when the temperature rises above the temperature on the thermostat. They turn on and off as needed rather than run constantly. This lowers electricity usage.

Use Cool Showers to Stay Cool

If air conditioning isn't an option, your parents can stay cool by taking cool showers. The showers don't have to be ice cold. Make them cool enough to tolerate. Leave the hair damp and let it dry naturally. If possible, dampen a towel or shirt at the same time. If your parent wears a damp shirt or puts a damp towel on the back of the neck, they'll keep their core body temperature lower.

Make Sure They Stay Inside

Your parent may be tempted to go outside. Try to prevent that from happening. It's likely that you're at work and can't be there to keep them in, but their neighbors may be able to help out. Neighbors can let you know if your parent is outside and try to get your parent to go back before heat stroke or dehydration can happen.

With someone else making sure your mom or dad limit time outside, you can help keep them safe. If you don't know their neighbors, call a family member or family friend to check on them for you. If that's not possible, it's time to hire caregivers. They can pop in on the schedule you set up and make sure your parent is okay.

Find out more about the ways caregivers can help your parent during a heatwave. CallĀ us today.

If you or an aging loved one are consideringĀ caregivers in Arvada, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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