Tips to Prevent Wandering in Elderly Adults


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Tips to Prevent Wandering in Elderly Adults

​Unfortunately, in many elderly adults, especially those that have Alzheimer’s disease, they do wander. This can cause them to become lost or even put themselves into danger. There are many tips to prevent wandering in elderly adults that you, as a family caregiver, might need to be aware of.

Certain Times of the Day

Are there certain times of the day when your loved one seems to wander more often? If so, then it is important to help your loved one stay busier during these times. You can plan them some activities or get them to exercise during the times where they seem to wander more. This can cause them to become less restless and less anxious.

Finding the Reasons for Wandering

Another tip to help prevent wandering in your elderly loved one is to find the reasons why they wander in the first place. Usually, there is a reason why elderly adults will wander. They might be feeling aggravated, anxious, bored, thirsty, hungry, or restless. Once you find the cause for their wandering, you can help to prevent them from wandering.

Electronic Door Alarm

You can’t keep your eye on your elderly loved one at all times. In the cases when you can’t have your eye on your loved one, it is helpful to have something to notify you if your elderly loved one starts wandering. An electronic door alarm is one of the best things to use. You will hear an alarm go off if they try to leave the home. You can also use an indoor monitoring system, a bell over the door, or motion sensor cameras.

Securing Your Home

You can also help to prevent your loved one from wandering by securing their home. You should install window and door locks that are difficult to access. Make the locks up higher where they can’t reach them. Slide bolts are another great idea. These are often difficult for elderly adults to access.

Outdoor Fence

You can also have a fence installed outdoors. This can surround the yard in case they do get outside. You can have a keycode on the gate to prevent your loved one from opening it. You can also place a lock up high on the gate, so they can’t reach it. This is a great idea because it still allows your loved one to get outdoors without getting lost.

Getting Better Sleep

If you want to prevent wandering in your elderly loved one, you should also do your best to make sure your loved one is getting better sleep. The more restful they are, the less likely they are to wander.

These are some of the tips to help prevent wandering in your elderly loved one. Use these tips to help keep your loved one safe.


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