Elderly Care in Wheat Ridge CO: Understanding Your Parent’s Thyroid Cancer Care Team


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Understanding Your Parent’s Thyroid Cancer Care Team

You are going to be an important advocate for your aging parent as they go through their experience with thyroid cancer. This means ensuring that their needs are met, their voice is heard, and they get the level of care that they desire and deserve from the very beginning of the experience. A vital part of being able to do this successfully is understanding their care team. This enables you to interact with the team, ask necessary questions, and ensure that all elements of their care are coordinated in the way that is right for them.

Some of the members of your aging parent’s care team when they are fighting thyroid cancer may include:

Endocrinologist. This type of doctor is responsible for the treatment of diseases and issues related to glands that secrete hormones.
Medical oncologist. This type of doctor is responsible for devising and administering cancer treatment approaches that involve chemotherapy.
Surgeon. This type of doctor is responsible for treating cancer and related issues through surgical means.
Radiation oncologist. This type of doctor is responsible for devising and administering cancer treatment approaches that involve the use of radiation.
Support staff. Your parent will likely have involvement with a variety of professionals who are responsible for supporting the efforts of the doctors, including nurses, nurse practitioners, and rehabilitation specialists.
Mental health professionals. Mental and emotional health support can be just as important during a cancer fight as physical health treatment. Finding professional care and support for your senior can help them to deal with the emotions that they face and ensure that their mind stays strong and focused throughout this experience.

Starting elderly care can be one of the best decisions that you can make in the course of your caregiver journey with your senior. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a fully customized schedule to ensure that they are getting the care, support, and assistance services that are right for their individual needs. By evaluating their specific challenges and limitations and understanding their goals and preferences, this elderly care provider can give your parent a highly personalized set of services specifically designed to help them remain safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy, and to pursue the highest level of activity, engagement, independence, and fulfillment throughout their later years. As a family caregiver this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that both when you are able to be with your parent and when you are not, your senior is in the best hands.


If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Wheat Ridge, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare West Denver. Call today: (720) 263-6060.

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