Elder Care in Arvada CO: What Elder Care Can Do for Your Parent with Sarcoidosis


What Elder Care Can Do for Your Parent with Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a condition in which clusters of immune cells develop in organs, such as the eyes, skin, or lungs. The lungs are by far the most affected organ with about 95 percent of people with sarcoidosis having lung symptoms. The disease has no cure, but it can be treated and managed through medications and lifestyle changes. Elder care providers can help older adults to manage sarcoidosis in a number of ways. Below are just a few of the ways that elder care can help.

Regular Doctor Visits

A person with sarcoidosis will need regular medical care. Elder care can assist with scheduling appointments and remind the senior of upcoming doctor visits. Elder care can also drive the person to appointments. During the appointment, an elder care provider can take notes so that they can keep family caregivers informed of any new developments. Also, having a trusted elder care provider present during an appointment may help to put the senior at ease.

Help Manage Stress

Living with a chronic condition can be stressful. Elder care can help seniors with sarcoidosis to manage stress by allowing them to scale back the things they have to do around the house and focus on doing things they enjoy. For example, an elder care provider can take care of housework, relieving the person of a time-consuming task and allowing them to rest or participate in a hobby or other pastime. An elder care provider can also drive the older adult to yoga or Tai Chi classes, which can also help to manage stress.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Although there isn’t a special diet for people with sarcoidosis, eating a balanced and varied diet can improve overall health. An elder care provider can help plan and prepare meals. They can also take seniors shopping for groceries and help them to carry heavy grocery bags.

Encourage Physical Activity

Because sarcoidosis can cause chronic pain, the older adult may not want to exercise. However, research indicates that sarcoidosis may help improve some symptoms. An elder care provider can make exercise more enjoyable by taking walks with the person, keeping them company and engaging them in conversation. Elder care providers can also monitor older adults while they exercise at home to make sure they remain safe.

Assist with Social Activity

Having support from friends and family is important for people with chronic illnesses. However, the pain and frustration of the disease may make the senior want to withdraw or can make it difficult for them to get out. An elder care provider can encourage older adults to remain socially active by assisting them to get out of the house or to entertain people in their home.


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