What Might Help Your Senior with Arthritis Pain When it’s Cold Out?


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What Might Help Your Senior with Arthritis Pain When it’s Cold Out?

Cold weather exacerbates a great many health issues, including arthritis. If that’s the case for your senior, she may want to try a combination of several different solutions to find the ones that work best for her. Some of these options may work well during some flares and not as well during others, too, so it pays to have a lot of tools in the toolkit.

Talk to Her Doctor about Exercise

Exercise can have very positive effects on arthritis pain, but it’s a hard sell to convince your senior to move more when moving her joints hurts. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what kinds of exercise might help and would be appropriate for her situation. Figure out a plan for helping her to start moving more if her doctor agrees that’s a good solution. Remember to go slowly and let her body adjust to moving more.

Talk to Her Doctor about What Else to Try

While you’re talking with your senior’s doctor, find out what else you can try. There may be any number of suggestions your senior’s doctor has to improve what she’s experiencing. If she can tolerate them, over the counter NSAIDS may be helpful. Other supplements may also help, like glucosamine or vitamin D. Some other treatments your senior might want to consider could include massage or using topical muscle and joint creams.

Encourage Her to Drink Water

Proper hydration affects your senior in so many different ways. In terms of arthritis pain, being properly hydrated ensures that your senior’s joints are able to lubricate themselves properly. Even being mildly dehydrated is something your senior may be able to start noticing in how her joints feel. Talk to her doctor about how much water is right for your senior to drink each day so you can start aiming for that goal.

Try a Warm Soak

When your senior’s joints are cold, they’re more likely to be painful. Soaking in a warm tub or even using a heating pad safely on the affected joint may be helpful. Try alternating heat and ice, too, to see if that helps her to experience any sort of relief. These treatments may be helpful when used in combination with other suggestions you’ve gotten from your senior’s doctor.

Your senior may also notice that it’s more difficult to get things done when she’s experiencing arthritis flares. Bringing in senior care providers can give her the help she needs when she’s not feeling her best.

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