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4 Tips that Can Help Caregivers to Be More Aware of Trigger and Anxiety Issues for Loved Ones

Caregivers in New Britain CT

Caregivers in New Britain CTIf your loved one is prone to issues with anxiety, it can help to understand what her triggers are. In many cases, there is a specific trigger that you can note and avoid. In other cases, though, the instigating action may be more subtle.

Be Aware of Anniversaries and Birthdays

Anniversaries and birthdays are huge triggers for lots of people, not just your elderly loved one. But if there is an anniversary or a birthday that you don't know about, that could be the cause of some significant mood changes for your elderly loved one. Do what you can to learn about all the anniversaries and other events that might be a problem for your loved one and keep a list.

Loss of Control Is Upsetting

Your elderly loved one has spent a lifetime maintaining control and independence. Now there may be things happening to her health and independence that she can't control or do anything about. This can be so disturbing for your elderly loved one that it triggers anxiety, depression, or behavioral problems. One way to deal with this is to give your loved one as much choice and control as you can in the situations that enable that action.

Your Loved One May Have Expectations

Sometimes elderly loved ones have very specific expectations about their care. The problem comes in when they may not tell you what those expectations are and yet still expect that you'll meet them. Since most family caregivers aren't mind readers, this presents a problem when you don't even know where your goal is. Try talking with your loved one about what she expects from you so that you have definitive targets.

Denial Can Be an Issue

If your elderly loved one is in denial at all about her health or a specific condition, this can cause her anxiety when she can't avoid the situation any longer. Your loved one might be in so much denial that she may not give you accurate information about how she's feeling or whether her medication is working. In that case, you'll need to be working closely with her doctor to keep tabs on her health.

Learning to spot your loved one's particular triggers can help you to be more prepared.

If you or an aging loved one are considering caregivers in New Britain, CT or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Bristol at 860-597-3924.

Sandy Fiorito

Sandy Fiorito RN, is the Director of Care Services at Synergy Homecare of Greater Bristol. Sandy has been a nurse for over 35 years with a wide range of experience in hospital settings. Most recently she was the head nurse for the medical component at the Wheeler Clinic’s Northwest Village School. Sandy’s skills as a nurse are a great asset to Synergy clients because she is able to successful bridge the non-medical care with the skilled care aspects of a client’s needs. What our clients say most is that they come to rely on Sandy’s calm assurance when they discuss the plans to keep their loved ones at home. They also love her calm way with their elderly parents as they make the sometimes difficult transition to having to acknowledge the need to have help. Sandy loves to work on her flowers in the yard and golf. The rest of her free time is spent with her three grandchildren. Sandy is a Google Verified Author

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.