Caregivers in Danbury CT: How Can You Tell if Stress Could Be Turning into Burnout?


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How Can You Tell if Stress Could Be Turning into Burnout?

Home Care in Danbury CTStress is hard enough for a family caregiver to manage at times, but when it becomes burnout, that's even more severe. Here are some signs you need to be on the lookout for, especially when you're feeling more stress than usual.

You're Escaping a Lot

Everybody needs to escape from reality for a little while. For some, that might be with music while other people might enjoy reading books or watching movies. These activities help you to step away from the things going on in your own life for a little while. But when you start trying to find ways to escape all the time, that's a sign of trouble.

Your Escapes Suddenly Aren't Working

Worse than trying to escape all the time is finding that your favorite escapes aren't working at all anymore. What that can lead to is trying to find new escapes or even trying to spend more time chasing your previous diversions. That can take time away from caregiving, leaving you feeling guilty and even more stressed.

You're Eating, Sleeping, or Engaging with Others in Odd Ways

Sometimes you may not feel like talking to people or you might find you have the odd night of off sleep or you're not feeling hungry all day long. Those are all fairly normal when they're occurring only now and again. If you're finding that these are quickly becoming your new normal, however, there may be something wrong.

You're Feeling Sick All the Time

Stress runs you down and if you're not taking care of yourself as well as you should be, that can all take a toll on your immune system. One way that your body can let you know that something isn't right is that you just feel like you're constantly feeling sick. You might even find that nothing seems to be resolving the issue for you, even after a trip to the doctor.

You're Having Suicidal Thoughts

A huge red flag regarding your emotional health involves suddenly having suicidal thoughts. Sometimes these can be extremely subtle, with thoughts such as, "I just want it all to end." Don't let those types of thoughts continue to grow. Talk to someone right away who can help you.

If you believe that you're already in the early stages of burnout, get some help right away. Talk to your doctor or to a counselor or therapist that you trust.


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Jim Crossett, Owner, SYNERGY HomeCare Danbury
Jim Crossett, Owner, SYNERGY HomeCare Danbury

Our entire staff at SYNERGY HomeCare wishes to extend our warmest welcome to you and your family as you search for the best home care services for your loved one in need.

I am Jim Crossett, president of SYNERGY HomeCare of Danbury, Connecticut. From our conveniently located office, we serve the residents of Fairfield County including the areas of Danbury, Ridgefield, Redding, New Milford and Southbury.

As you begin your selection process for the perfect living assistance for you senior family member, you are joining the ranks of many concerned children searching for non-medical in-home help. The Danbury area is home to many senior citizens and their families who are looking for a method of care that allows them to stay in the comfort of their residence. Your elderly loved one means a great deal to you and you will not be satisfied with anything but the best for them. At SYNERGY HomeCare, we go beyond your expectations and exceed the high standards you have set for their proper care.

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