Senior Care in East Haven CT: Does Your Loved One Need Assistive Devices for the Car?


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Does Your Loved One Need Assistive Devices for the Car?

Senior Care in East Haven CT

Bigstock -Active -senior -woman -smiling -wh -25737347Many family caregivers aren't aware that there are special tools made to enable their elderly loved ones to more easily use cars both as drivers and as passengers. Here are just a few of the types of tools your loved one might find handy.

Entering and Exiting Aids

Getting into and out of the car can be difficult for an elderly loved one with arthritis or other health conditions. One of the easiest assistive devices for your loved one to use is probably a swiveling seat cushion. This helps her to spin her body so that she can get into and out of the car more easily. Other tools to look for include car handles that fit into the loops inside the door frame or strap handles that fit around existing handles.

Vision Aids

With the advent of technology, there are a lot of additional vision aids for your elderly loved one. The most obvious is of course backup cameras or even cameras you can mount on all four sides of the car. These are widely available as aftermarket accessories and they're easy to install. You might also want to consider blind spot mirrors or wide angle mirrors that help your loved one get a better view all the way around.

Grasping Aids

For some elderly drivers, grasping and dealing with small or stubborn items is especially painful. You might want to consider key turners that make turning keys a lot easier or even special gas caps that are easier to use and to turn. If your loved one's steering wheel is thin, it can be painful to hold it. Consider a steering wheel cover makes the wheel easier to hold.

Height Assistance

It's no secret that your loved one can lose a few inches of height as she ages, and that can make a big difference behind the wheel, too. She might need special wedge cushions that help her to see over the wheel or she might even need food pedal extensions. These help her to reach the pedals easily without having to move the seat too close to the steering wheel and the airbag. Your loved one's seat belts might not fit the way they used to because of height differences, too. There are special straps you can install that make them more adjustable.

Some of these devices may be something that your loved one needs even if she doesn't drive anymore. Talk to your loved one's senior care providers about what assistive devices they already use in the car when your loved one is a passenger and that way you know what you might still need.


If you or an aging loved one are considering senior care in East Haven, CT. Please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare East Haven. Call today: (203) 691-5071.

Gordon A. Wall
Gordon A. Wall

Welcome to SYNERGY HomeCare of East Haven, CT. We are an agency that provides non-medical services such as companion care, homemaking, personal care , and respite care to individuals of all age groups. Our mission is to assist individuals to reach the maximum amount of independence they can achieve, and to improve the quality of life for those that are experiencing physical or mental disabilities. These disabilities may include, but are not limited to, stroke, Alzheimer's or other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, or cancer.

Hello, my name is Gordon Wall and I am the President and owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of East Haven, Ct. My wife and I have been in the medical field for 35 years as I am a Registered Pharmacist and my wife a Registered Nurse. Although SYNERGY HomeCare is a non-medical agency, together we have a long history of medical expertise that is beneficial in providing homecare services.

We understand the challenges, both physically and mentally, that are involved in caring for aging parents, as we have had our own personal experiences, and are aware of the demands it places on family members as they endeavor to maintain their own household/lives. We are very passionate about maintaining the integrity of the workers and the dignity of the clients. We strive to make aging and healing a beautiful part of life and realize the importance of staying in ones home to achieve this. Whatever age requires the service.....'There is no place like home'.

We specially train our caregivers/CNA's to meet the individualized needs per diagnosis. We instill in them the importance of treating each person with respect, compassion, and having empathy with their client. Each caregiver/CNA is CPR certified, they have evidence of negative TB testing, they are fully insured and a national criminal background check is performed. My wife works with each caregiver clinically before they are assigned to a client. Once assigned to a client, quality calls and visits are conducted to make sure the client/family is satisfied with the care they are receiving with their caregiver(s). There are times when a client is receiving medical care. We also can work side by side with a medical team in providing additional non-medical care.

As SYNERGY HomeCare of East Haven our service area consists of New Haven, East Haven, Branford, North Branford, Guilford, Madison, Northford, Wallingford, and Durham. Our services are not limited to providing care only in one's home, but also to those individuals who require assistance in hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities.

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