Elder Care in Wilton CT: Bladder Triggers that Could Worsen Your Loved One's Incontinence


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Bladder Triggers that Could Worsen Your Loved One's Incontinence

Elder Care in Wilton CT

Elder Care in Wilton CTWhen a loved one is dealing with incontinence, she's likely embarrassed even if no one knows that she's had a leak. One way to avoid leaks is to avoid triggers that can potentially cause them. Here are some of the biggest triggers that you can watch out for.


Laughing too hard can cause your loved one to have an involuntary leak. Not laughing isn't an option, though, because that's healthy for everyone to do. One way around this is to schedule regular bathroom breaks so that your loved one has a better chance of her bladder being empty the next time someone tells a great joke.


Sneezing can be just as dangerous as laughing, because the same muscles are involved. And sneezes can sneak up on your loved one just as quickly as a good belly laugh. Try keeping to that bathroom schedule, and talk to your loved one's doctor about exercises that she can do to help strengthen the muscles in her pelvic floor.


Exercising too vigorously or jumping around can cause leaks due to stress incontinence. This also has to do with the pelvic floor muscles being too weak to hold back the flow, but it's also something that you can help your loved one deal with by taking regular trips to the loo. Also, save water for after exercise so that your loved one can go when she's done being active.


Beverages such as alcohol, soda, tea, and even coffee can all contribute to incontinence issues. All of these beverages can have a slight diuretic effect, which means that they not only pass through your loved one's system, but they pick up extra water along the way. Try tracking leaks and see if you can sort out if one of these beverage types is a trigger for incontinence issues. Then you'll know which one your loved one might want to cut back on.

Bladder Infections

Bladder infections put quite a bit of stress and strain on your loved one's urinary tract system, so an infection can cause an increase in leaks. If your loved one is getting frequent bladder infections, talk with her doctor to try to narrow down a cause.


Some medications can cause your loved one's bladder to be more sensitive or more relaxed than it normally would be. So incontinence can come about as a side effect. If you're concerned this might be the case for your loved one, talk to her doctor about possible solutions.

Clothing that's Restrictive

If your loved one is wearing clothing that is too tight, it can press against her bladder and cause issues with leaks. Look for less restrictive clothing that is comfortable and doesn't press on your loved one's bladder quite so much. She might even need to go up a size to keep her clothes from being too tight.

Remember that you can talk to your loved one's elder care providers for tips about dealing with bladder triggers. They've likely dealt with all kinds of different solutions that could help your loved one.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elder care in Wilton, CT, or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Fairfield, CT at 203-923-8866.

Jay Kiley
Jay Kiley

Jay Kiley has spent well over 30 years providing world class customer service to clients around the world. Whether it was during his career in banking as a senior officer with Fortune 500 companies or working with some of the wealthiest people in the world with the Superyacht Rigging Company he owned with his brother; customer service was and is first and foremost.

As the Regional Developer of SYNERGY HomeCare in Connecticut Kiley again puts the customer’s needs first. Working with the  five SYNERGY HomeCare Connecticut offices, Danbury, Bristol, Stamford, East Haven and Fairfield, which he owns with his wife ,Laurie, he has lead the SYNERGY CareTeam to tremendous growth and continued success. Knowing firsthand how health, aging and memory care issues can take a toll on a family, he is a very hands-on owner. He makes his cell phone available to all clients and their families providing more than just care, Kiley provides solutions to his client’s care needs and peace of mind to their family. 

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