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How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Age

Active mature adults often continue to stay active, getting the most out of life. Keeping your muscles strong as you age can help your quality of life in so many ways, from physical comfort to independence and better mobility.

Stronger muscles can also help seniors to avoid devastating falls and subsequent hospitalizations. Staying fitter and stronger can prevent many of the accidents that seniors face, which could lead to broken bones and other injuries.


An age-appropriate exercise regimen can help keep your loved ones in better shape with less of a risk of falls and frailty. Better balance and coordination may also result. Working with an exercise trainer or doing low-impact, safe exercises with a buddy may boost morale and make the entire experience more enjoyable.


Stretching after any exercise can be beneficial to the rest and recovery period. Also, -practicing yoga and doing healthy stretches can keep the body limber and flexible. This helps to reduce joint pain and limb stiffness while adding a host of other benefits.

Eat Well

Some research suggests that seniors can benefit from eating more lean protein in their diet. Protein is known to help build muscle, and it is a healthy nutrient essential to all diets. Adding a snack or a second helping of protein during mealtime can be helpful to seniors wanting to maintain strong, healthy muscles.

Know When to Stop

Use caution when exercising to avoid injury, accident, and complete exhaustion. It is important to follow a regimen that works for you and your physical condition as well as your abilities. Avoid the urge to keep going, to strive for more, unless your physician has cleared it. Knowing when to slow down or when to stop can help you to keep your muscles strong without getting injured in the process.

Partner Up

Those of any age can benefit from a bit of exercise to keep muscles active and strong. When family members can't be present to help with the daily routine, look to Home Care in Santa Rosa Beach FL. Trained, compassionate home care companions are available to assist with many aspects of daily living, including promotion of a healthy and safe lifestyle.

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