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One Scoop a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Kalipada Pahan PhD, a neurological sciences professor from Rush Medical Center in Chicago believes that “Cinnamon” might be the key to unlocking a cure for this disorder. Dr. Pahan states, “Medieval physicians used Cinnamon to treat arthritis, coughing, hoarseness and sore throats. It was so valuable at one point, wars were waged over it.”

Pahan himself actually proved that Cinnamon can prevent symptoms associated with Parkinson’s including loss of balance, stiffness, slow, jerky movement, and tremors in mice. Trials in mice can usually be translated to human trials sooner or later. This is very exciting news for anyone affected by this disorder because it offers clear attainable goals and gives people with disorder an end game.

There are two types of cinnamon sold in the United States though and only one works. “Saigon” or Chinese cinnamon is the cheaper, normal cinnamon you will usually see in the market. Unfortunately this cinnamon will not benefit your health.

“Ceylon” cinnamon is the one that will benefit your health and it is usually lighter or sweeter smelling. The easiest ay to tell the difference is in how “flaky” the cinnamon sticks are. Ceylon will crumble and flake away more easily than Saigon. Mixing one Teaspoon of Cinnamon into food or drink a day will help benefit your health tremendously.


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