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Staying Sharp: Successful Aging for Your Brain

Don't suffer from brain drain! Get your grey matter moving with these tips for keeping your mind sharp as a tack!

Fire Up Those Synapses!

Stimulating your brain can be as easy as recalling fond memories of yesteryear and imagining a world of tomorrow in a faraway future. Remembering and daydreaming both help strengthen neural connections in the brain.

Try something new! You've never attempted art before? Great--take up oil painting! Don't know a hammer from a screwdriver? Now's your opportunity: learn how to make a birdhouse! Step outside of your comfort zone, and rediscover the magic in achieving new accomplishments!

Exercise Your Brain

Brain games such as crossword puzzles, sudoku, riddles, and mystery novels all do help stimulate the brain and force it to perform a little exercise. Just don't limit your brain teasers to the same kind of challenges all the time. Mix it up! Take on different kinds of games, and put various restraints on the games, even if they don't already exist.

Examples include:

  • Giving yourself a shortened time limit to finish a puzzle
  • Taking on a multiple-step challenge that forces you to hold in temporary memory one piece of the puzzle, while your mind continues working on the rest, as is found in many math problems
  • Take an existing riddle you've come across, and re-write it to result in a different outcome.

Try tying your challenges to real-world issues that will benefit you. For instance, you could determine the boundaries of your garden as it currently stands, then imagine it divided up into three sections and figure out what kinds of plants should be grouped together, and what their light and watering needs would be. It doesn't matter if you ever make use of the information--the benefit is in the exercise itself!--but at least you'd end up with information you could one day use, should you choose to do so.

A Smart Move

A very wise choice--one that shows just how nimble your mind is--is to enlist the assistance of a senior care team that's highly qualified to solve the mundane puzzles of life, while you take on the more interesting challenges. The best home care for elderly in Alpharetta, GA, is SYNERGY HomeCare. We also provide housekeeping, meal planning, surgery recovery assistance, and much more!

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