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Black History Month - Inspirational Story Contest Winner

During Black History Month at Memories Matter, we asked for submissions of inspirational stories from the caregivers of Synergy HomeCare North Atlanta. Below is a story submitted by our very qualified, talented and excellent caregiver, Sheron Gibson.

My mother was my inspiration more than anyone else. My dad died when her 5 children were all very young. Her father was in a VA hospital due to injuries of WW2 and her mom was his caregiver. There was no such term as "single mother". I was the eldest. My mom took on a job in a factory during the day while we were in school but we were not latchkey kids. She was home every day when we came home from school. On weekends she worked nights at a Chinese restaurant while we stayed home asleep. The neighbors often commented that her children were the best-behaved children on the block.

She taught us that people who used bad words did so because they had very limited vocabularies. And we believed her so when our classmates would swear that was our response. We didn't succumb to peer pressure . My 3 sisters and I were the "Gibson girls" and our brother who was the baby was those "Gibson girls brother" She raised us to always live beneath our means and focus on the inner self. It was many years before she got a car but we took a lot of busses and walked a lot. We all still walk a lot My mother was very frugal. She managed to retire at age 55 with the most modest home in an affluent neighborhood paid off. Her BMW was also paid off. And she went on cruises occasionally. When we were kids neighbors and relatives who had 2 income families would often borrow a few dollars from my mother to get through the week.

My mother died of breast cancer. She did not tell her children she was sick. The doctors told us she did not want to disrupt her children's lives or have us hovering over her. That hurt but as time passed we began to understand that was who she was and it was her decision to make. So she raised 5 children. Two award-winning math teachers, 1 very successful Realtor, and 2 very successful customer service representatives. One turned CNA. None ever gave her any trouble. I got 2 spankings in my entire life. My middle sister got 1. The rest none. She could give us a look and we would straighten right up. My mother never yelled at us. Her voice would get stern and we would feel bad.

My mom never dated until all her children were grown. She was very protective of us. The life lessons she taught us were easy to grasp and when I follow them all is well with my soul.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. Sheron Gibson

Thank you, Sheron, for taking the time to submit such a beautiful story about your Mom. Our caregivers are the HEART of our business and we appreciate every one of you.

Sue McCormick
Sue McCormick

Sue McCormick is a co-owner of Synergy Homecare North Atlanta.  She is a regular contributor for various magazine newspaper articles in Atlanta and blogs on topics in the home care industry.

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