Caregiver Spotlight on Henrietta Carter


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Caregiver Spotlight on Henrietta Carter

For CNA appreciation week we asked our amazing caregivers to submit their most heartfelt memory with Synergy Homecare. The story could be in the past or present about a client, co-worker or synergy staff. On June 21st we announced our winner, Henrietta Carter for her inspiring, heartfelt story. Owners Sue McCormick and Stacy Fotos took Henrietta out for lunch and got to know the inspiring Henrietta more.

Henrietta was born at Grady Hospital on June 21st, 1950 and is the oldest of 4 children.  At that time in Atlanta, Grady was called “the Gradys” as the building was segregated for “whites” and “coloreds.” The separate but not-so-equal hospitals within one hospital. When she was born, her mother would not have been allowed to have a doctor of her same race. She remembers when her mom would take them to Rich’s (now Macy’s for those of you who don’t remember) for back to school shopping every year and there were segregated water fountains and bathrooms.  Henrietta refused to use the water fountains and bathrooms “for coloreds only” and it terrified her mama.  She was quite rebellious and we are proud that she resisted inequality!

Henrietta reflects on the year she graduated from Charles Lincoln Harper High School in Atlanta in 1968. This was the year when Martin Luther King died. She told us how she was in her 7th period English class and how saddened everyone around her was. Currently, she is helping the reunion committee organize their 50th-year class reunion. Her responsibility is to locate teachers that taught her graduating class! She has also previously worked as a Case Manager at DEFACS from 1998-2003 and as a drug counselor. Henrietta has been working as a caregiver for 3 years.

In her free time, she likes to cook and bake.  Her specialties are Strawberry Cake and Banana Pudding (made the hard way). She likes to spend time with her three granddaughters Cyniah 17, Taylia, 13 and Malia, 21 months.  She is a pretty tech-savvy hip grandma and even follows her granddaughters, Cyniah and Talyia on Instagram. She loves the pictures that Cyniah posted most recently of herself traveling to Italy with Girls Going Global summer travel program. Her daughter Renetta, 40, is the principal at Genesis Innovation Academy, a charter school in Atlanta.  She also has an event planning business that Henrietta’s son Sean helps run. Sean is a lifelong performer and teaches dance and theater in high schools throughout Metro Atlanta.

We had a wonderful time getting to know about Henrietta and her family at our lunch. We are so lucky to have her as a member of our team! Below is the inspirational story that was submitted by Henrietta!


   " When I gave flowers to an eighty-three young lady who has scoliosis /osteoarthritis and who can't walk or sit in a chair and made her smile and say she has never gotten flowers from anyone but her husband.  It made my heart flutter when I got her to brush her teeth because she still had the majority of her own (eats m&ms all day and only drinks Pepsi) and told her she has beautiful teeth.  She smiled then said you are so nice to me, my reply was that I was just doing my job because I Love taking care of people that need caring for.  You see I was told that she was a handful and that was motivation for me to love on her, tell her she was beautiful and that I Love her as Jesus Loves me. This will always be a good fit for me. I even got her to lay on her right side so that a sore she was getting could heal, she, of course, said no and I just told her it would heal and that she would feel better. At the end of the day the director of the facility told me no one has ever gotten her to move on her right side, I replied when you do it with love and caring most of the time that works."

      "Today (June 18, 2018) I assisted a ninety- one young lady that has inspired this soon to be sixty-eight young lady that moving is the key to staying young. (my grown children tell me this often) This ninety-one lady out walked me in steps, moves faster than me; prunes her bushes in her yard yes we both  share in our love of cooking (baking banana bread), cleaning, being organized, having a routine daily, taking care of our children, loving on and teaching our grands how to do what we have learned in life to care for our self and others. I thank Synergy for this opportunity to work with someone that's my senior and my inspiration to do better by me maybe I can see NINETY years young!"


Courteney Korosec
Courteney Korosec

Courteney Korosec graduated from Florida State University in August, 2018 with a degree in editing, writing and media. Her current internship for Synergy Homecare entails her blogging about the importance of memory care. The blog “Memories Matter” focuses on the huge role memory has in our daily life and the resources in our community for those with cognitive disabilities.  Courteney also assists Synergy with caregiver recruitment.  In addition to her interest in senior care, and her excellent writing and speaking skills Courteney’s first passion is football. Her long term dream is to use her writing skills to recruit for a professional football team. Overall, Courteney’s writing skills are exceptional, and above all else, her passion behind her words exudes off the page.

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