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CNA Appreciation Week Contest a Huge Success!

CNA Appreciation Week was June 14th - June 21st, 2018 and at SYNERGY HomeCare North Atlanta we wanted ALL of our caregivers to know how much we appreciate them. In addition to distributing goody bags to our employees, we held a contest asking our caregivers to share a story about a client, co-worker or positive experience that they had while working as a SYNERGY HomeCare team member.


Below are the responses that we got and the final entry was our Winner! Thank you, caregivers, for making us all look so good but especially for doing the hard work that you do, day in and day out with a smile on your face!  We love each and every one of you! Happy CNA Appreciation Week!

Submitted by Robin Pressley:

    " I am very privileged to provide care to a wonderful couple named *****. Bob is 91 and suffers from Alzheimer's, Barbara is 88 and having a few memory issues herself. They just celebrated 67 years of marriage, and I can't picture a better-suited companion for each other than the one they each committed to over 67 years ago! Even though his memory is going, he still takes constant care of his garden in the backyard, watering every day for an hour. He has the greatest sense of humor of just about anyone I know!  The ****** are my clients, but they seem more like family to me!"
Submitted By Sheron Gibson:
     "The best fit case I had was taking care of a 13-year-old girl.  She was suffering from an autoimmune disease.  I met her at the school bus after school. I would help her with med reminders and hygiene. Then she would have a snack. I helped with her homework. As time went on she confided in me about insecurities and bullying she was experiencing. Having raised 3 daughters I was able to share some techniques that worked for them. I shared with her that 2 of my girls were able to talk their way through the bullying, never having to get physical.  One had a fight just one time and that settled matters once and for all time.   And my son never had a fight. Thankfully the talking technique worked for my client. 😊 She and I played words with friends online, I’d polish her nails and give her hair and makeup tips. In the 9 months I was with her she opened up and grew in confidence. It makes me smile to remember how sad she was when we first met and when the assignment ended she was a giggling teen."
Submitted by Ngozi Uchendu:

    "Since joining Synergy Home Care, I have been privileged to work with many clients and I'm always happy and fulfilled when I see my client getting better and begin to do things for themselves. I'm particularly amazed with my current client I have been working with since early this year.

     When I and my fellow caregivers where assigned to this case,  ( a hospice case), the client was unable to do much for herself. Patiently and with empathy, we took care of her and she gradually got her strength back and it always makes me happy each time she says " you girls have been so amazing. God bless you all". This always makes my day and makes me feel good knowing that I'm touching lives positively, by showing care and help those who cannot help themselves to get better and be able to help themselves. I love it and I love my job!!"

Submitted by Khadejah Farley:

     "When I first started with *********, she was so upset because the woman I replaced had upset her. She told me I made her feel like she was actually in her own home and not someone’s facility. I also helped her look for her diamond she had lost out of her wedding ring and she was so appreciative and kept telling how she would not have been able to go on knowing it was missing. Her son even told me he noticed how much more happier she was since I had arrived. " 

Submitted by Mackenzie Matthews:

    " It was my first day on the job and I was very nervous to how the day was going to go and for how my client would feel about me. Within minutes of me being there, my client and I created a bond like no other. I put him first and made sure that all of his medical and personal needs were taken care of all while creating small talk and exchanging stories about each other’s personal lives. He was telling me about his two children and his grandchildren and how he missed them because they live far away and I offered to help him FaceTime his daughter on his phone. He introduced me to her and to her 4-year-old son and we all talked and laughed together. She thanked me for all that I do for her Dad. Towards the end of the day as it was yielding time for my shift to end my client asked me “I will be seeing you again next week right?” I responded and said “I’m not sure about next week but I will definitely be back” and he said “Ok good. I really feel safe with you being here and you don’t know how much it would mean to me to see your face at the door again every week.”  It’s conversations like these that make my job worthwhile. I would not trade the long hours of patient interaction and companionship for anything else. There is nothing I enjoy more in life than taking care of my clients and establishing relationships with them that will forever be cherished."

Submitted by Juana Clark: 

    " I love my job caring for others it has become ministry for me, to bring a just a gentle touch or listen to their stories, or to change the mind of someone who has given up on life itself.  I always find a way to be inspired by them..a retired ballerina... Dentist... Artist.  I find out what made them happy...then I build on it, until I can bring to them an enjoyable visit each time I come.  Each one is special and should be treated as such during their latter days.  Give to them ur best because u may never see them again.  One lady a 90 yr old retired nurse..still sharp...she interviewed me when I walked into her room....questions like who do u work for? we had real conversation...she could tell all the nurses what she thought..but very sweet..she was a fall risk..but also use to swim and run every day..what made her happy and content was when I honored her request to transfer her to the wheelchair and bathroom...she loved to keep it moving...I felt that I was able to make her life a little easier..and she so much"

Submitted by Henrietta Carter OUR WINNER! :

    " When I gave flowers to an eighty-three young lady who has scoliosis /osteoarthritis and who can't walk or sit in a chair and made her smile and say she has never gotten flowers from anyone but her husband.  It made my heart flutter when I got her to brush her teeth because she still had the majority of her own (eats m&ms all day and only drinks Pepsi) and told her she has beautiful teeth.  She smiled then said you are so nice to me, my reply was that I was just doing my job because I Love taking care of people that need caring for.  You see I was told that she was a handful and that was motivation for me to love on her, tell her she was beautiful and that I Love her as Jesus Loves me. This will always be a good fit for me. I even got her to lay on her right side so that a sore she was getting could heal, she of course said no and I just told her it would heal and that she would feel better. At the end of the day the director of the facility told me no one has ever gotten her to move on her right side, I replied when you do it with love and caring most of the time that works."

      "Today (June 18, 2018) I assisted a ninety- one young lady that has inspired this soon to be sixty-eight young lady that moving is the key to staying young. (my grown children tell me this often) This ninety-one lady out walked me in steps, moves faster than me; prunes her bushes in her yard yes we both  share in our love of cooking (baking banana bread), cleaning, being organized, having a routine daily, taking care of our children, loving on and teaching our grands how to do what we have learned in life to care for our self and others. I thank Synergy for this opportunity to work with someone that's my senior and my inspiration to do better by me maybe I can see NINETY years young!"

As you can see, our caregivers have story after heartfelt story about the beautiful clients that we serve and the wonderful feeling of purpose that we all feel when we help others! Thank you all for taking the time to share your stories and keep up the good work!

Sue McCormick
Sue McCormick

Sue McCormick is a co-owner of Synergy Homecare North Atlanta.  She is a regular contributor for various magazine newspaper articles in Atlanta and blogs on topics in the home care industry.

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