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International Women's Day - Inspiring Story

We held a contest in our office to honor International Women's Day and asked our caregivers to submit a story of the person in their lives who inspired them the most.  Below is the story submitted by Evelyn Kamou, a Synergy HomeCare caregiver who is one of our finest. 

"I am inspired by a lot of people, famous and non-famous, but if I had to choose one person that inspires me that person would be my mother, Irene. I am going to narrow it down to five ways my mother inspires me:

First, I am inspired by her strength because she works so tirelessly hard even when she does not get any recognition from it and even when her work often goes unnoticed.

Second, I am inspired by her ability to always give her all. A lot of dedication goes into the work she does whether it is performing chores around the house or performing her work duties at work. She somehow manages to put the same level of effort and commitment into anything and everything she does and she never complains or does a poor job. She manages to do everything she does wholeheartedly and does a stellar job every single time often leaving me in awe.

Third, I admire her selflessness. She always puts other peoples needs ahead of her own even when it means giving up her own comfort. I always find myself reminding her to remember to take some time to take care of herself which is funny because I don't think many people need reminders to take care of themselves we tend to know how to do that naturally.

Fourth, I admire her ability to always pick herself up from the ground. No matter what life throws at her she somehow always manages to have a positive attitude. She always has hope even when there is no reason to have it.

Lastly, I admire the love she has for God. She always makes sure that God is at the center of everything she does.

For these reasons and more, my mom will forever be my inspiration in life."

-Evelyne Kamau

Synergy HomeCare North Atlanta Caregiver


Sue McCormick
Sue McCormick

Sue McCormick is a co-owner of Synergy Homecare North Atlanta.  She is a regular contributor for various magazine newspaper articles in Atlanta and blogs on topics in the home care industry.

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