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Synergy HomeCare 2018 National Caregiver of the Year

Synergy HomeCare offices employ approximately 10,500 caregivers that provide care for clients from coast to coast. Every year hundreds of caregivers are considered for the prestigious “Caregiver of the Year” award and each year consists of different caregivers with incredible stories of caring for their clients. Once a year, one well deserving caregiver from the entire company is awarded the title.


            On September 14, 2018, the Caregiver of the Year was awarded to our very own Synergy HomeCare North Atlanta caregiver Robin “Paris” Davis.

Paris has been a part of our team for 8 years, but her caregiving experience goes back several decades as she been caring for others personally and professionally for most of her life.

Over a year ago, our office received a phone call looking for someone to take care of a special client named Kimberly. Kimberly is a beautiful 37-year-old young lady who sadly was born with epilepsy and a very advanced form of cerebral palsy. Her condition has required that she receive total care and has shortened her life expectancy. Kimberly cannot walk, communicate, or feed herself and is totally dependent on others caring for her. Kimberly’s mom Phyllis, who had taken care of Kimberly her whole life, had recently passed away and she had no immediate family members that could take care of her.

As soon as we got the call, we knew immediately that this case was going to be unique and would require a special type of person and an advanced caregiver. Paris immediately came to all of our minds. For over a year now, Paris has lived with Kimberly caring for her 5-7 days a week and responsible for providing all of Kimberly’s physical needs and her emotional needs. Paris talks and sings to Kim throughout the day and wants to make sure that Kim never feels alone. Paris has truly gone above and beyond to help give Kim the best life possible and treats Kim as if she were one of her own.

Over the past year, we have personally witnessed the bond that has evolved between Paris and Kimberly. There is no mistaking the affection they have for one another. Paris lights up every time she talks about Kimberly and Kimberly’s beautiful big blue eyes clearly show her joy and fondness for Paris.



Here are some of the things that people have said about Paris’s wonderful care of Kimberly.

“Paris goes above and beyond to make sure Kimberly is taken care of and happy. Paris is competent, reliable, but most of all compassionate! She has been such a blessing for Kimberly!”– Legal Guardian

“In the past year, I have seen Kimberly go from a thin, frail, sad client to a thriving happy client. It is obvious they have a great relationship and the look in Kimberly’s eyes is one of complete trust. I am very confident in Paris’ knowledge and abilities.” – Synergy RN

“I feel very blessed to have been able to witness the bond that Paris and Kimberly have formed the last year. Each time I visit I always leave feeling that Kimberly’s mom is looking down from heaven with a smile.”– Synergy Community Liaison

We are so lucky and blessed to have Paris as a member of our Synergy family!

Courteney Korosec
Courteney Korosec

Courteney Korosec graduated from Florida State University in August, 2018 with a degree in editing, writing and media. Her current internship for Synergy Homecare entails her blogging about the importance of memory care. The blog “Memories Matter” focuses on the huge role memory has in our daily life and the resources in our community for those with cognitive disabilities.  Courteney also assists Synergy with caregiver recruitment.  In addition to her interest in senior care, and her excellent writing and speaking skills Courteney’s first passion is football. Her long term dream is to use her writing skills to recruit for a professional football team. Overall, Courteney’s writing skills are exceptional, and above all else, her passion behind her words exudes off the page.

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