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We thank our clients for wonderful words reminding us that we make a difference
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Reviews are the window into our core of trust and compassion—something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. Most home care agencies will tell you that they’re "the best in town." Read the reviews and feel your way to reason as you make your decision.

SYNERGY HomeCare's reviews are the stories written about us by clients and their families. We believe it's important for new clients to "feel their way to reason" before hiring us as their caregivers. What we mean by this is for them to get an idea of what it will be like for their mom or dad to have in-home help. That's what reviews do---they paint the picture.

Our Clients Say It Best




Bob M. (08/2020)

When tasked with finding someone to take care of a loved one needing 24/7 care at home, it takes stress to a whole new level. When I hung up the phone after talking to Sue at Synergy Home Care, I knew I had found the answer. I could tell Sue had been doing this a while as she knew the questions I had without having to ask and provided me with all the confidence that they were the answer I was looking for. It was just a matter of telling her when to start and she would have the caregiver ready. Once service started we couldn’t be happier. Every caregiver that has been to our home has just reinforced we made the right decision. From Tina to Nicole, or Christy, Kia or Chi Chi; all of them deliver everything we could ask for and more.

Kim R. (07/2020)

Synergy took excellent care of my mother. They had quality in home care providers, and they were quick to answer phone calls and answer and resolve any concerns we had in the beginning. We tried a different agency prior to using Synergy and we were VERY happy with Synergy. We had a positive experience with them and would highly recommend.

Nikki A. (06/2020)

Synergy was the third home care serviced I hired during my father's illness in 2018/19. I was scared, frustrated and completely confused on next steps after his hospital stay. I'm so glad I contacted Synergy. Everyone I interacted with was kind, professional and compassionate. My father actually liked each of the assistants assigned to him - which was rare! I've already recommended Synergy to a friend and he is also pleased with the service. The only issue I encountered was a minor administrative mistake in billing. I would give 10 stars if I could. This company is top-notch and highly recommended.

Stephen M. (04/2020)

What an amazing resource in a time of need. Sue at Synergy got me the additional in-home care mom needed within HOURS of our speaking on the phone. All staff supplied were well trained, professional and VERY kind to both mom and myself, and interacted well with the in-home hospice care that was already in place. One in particular was onsite at the time of mom's passing, and had experienced the events that lead up to the final moments of a loved one previously. She walked me through it, let me know exactly what was going on, and was there for prayer and comfort. 5-star recommend.

Fable C. (03/2020)

Synergy took care of my father 24/7 for nearly 5 years. It was a stressful time but the Synergy staff and caregivers shouldered the bulk of the stress. They helped me with anything we needed including some temporary care for my mother-in-law during that time. I highly recommend them!!!!

Steve W. (03/2020)

We hired Synergy Healthcare to help take care of my Mom at her home for a three week period. We used them in conjunction with hospice during the covid-19 time. They were very professional and worked closely with us to minimize the amount of caregivers and provide the right caregiver for us. We felt the cost was reasonable. Sue, one of the owners was outstanding to work with and very professional. She offered to help with the paperwork and was very accommodating.

Denise S. (01/2020)

We didn’t know who to call when we needed assistance for my dad. Based on reviews and a fast, professional response on a weekend, we selected Synergy. They were professional, helpful and flexible as we had family in and out to help. Our care provider was Hilda and I highly recommend her. She was strong, thoughtful and always looking for things she could do to help dad. Thank you to Synergy for support during a tough time for our family!



Sandy S (02/2019)

The caregivers are knowledgeable and most importantly they care. That matters a lot. They respond to her needs and my mother gets to be exposed to more. She would've spent a lot more time in her apartment without them. They expand her life and make sure it is of a higher quality.

Michael H (02/2019)

They just take such good care of my parents. There have been times when they are just like family. They call me just to check-in about my parents. They even answer their phones when off-duty to pass along information and follow up! It has been lifesaving for my parents and has transformed their ability to live a more meaningful life.

Bill Andrews (02/2019)

The Caregiver (Madison) brought my mother Chick-Fil-A and I am thrilled. Synergy is always going above & beyond for my mother.

Kathleen & John H (01/2019)

A big thank you to Stacy & Synergy HomeCare for the Christmas Treats and for sending us Lilian every week. Happy New Year!

Ron M (01/2019)

Tiba was an amazing Healthcare Aid. Since Dad moved in with my family, we all got to know and love her. I myself would see her almost every morning on my way to work and really enjoyed getting to know and love her. She has a wonderful personality; positive, happy, hardworking and caring. She did numerous things to help dad and really gives her all. She really connected with him and could predict what he needed and when.




Carolyn M (12/2018)

These folks are fantastic. They were quick to get a caregiver out to help my mother, as well as reliable and available at short notice if she had a bad night and we needed someone. Their employees are kind and very well trained. Sabrina S was a godsend and Linda was very knowledgeable. They taught us a-lot about caring for a Hospice patient. I would recommend Synergy to anyone who needs help with an aging parent.

Lisa M (11/2018)

Roberta is absolutely wonderful! She is so patient and a self starter. Judith is also very wonderful, the nights are getting hard and she is great.

Demetrios P (10/2018)

I really like Sandra, glad she will be returning on Monday.

Sandy S (10/2018)

Synergy Homecare provides the best and most professional care of any service available in the marketplace today. My mother had dementia and they have provided caregivers 24/7 for 6 months now. She lives in a Senior Living Memory Care neighborhood, but she is a high-fall risk. Having fallen 3 times in 4 days we knew she required additional care, and we were hoping for a caring regular companion who would add familiarity and stability to her life. Through Synergy, we found a friend who protects her, oversees her daily activities, encourages her to participate in life, reminds her of how beautiful she is and truly listens to her when she wants to talk. Oh, did I mention she is also her favorite dance partner? Invaluable. We just had a birthday party for my mother and the Synergy staff not only bought Flowers & Balloons, but participated in festivities. If you find yourself in need of Home Care, Hospital Care, or Memory Care, this is the company you want by your side. My sincerest thanks and gratitude to Synergy HomeCare for being there when we needed you the most.

Allison (07/2018)

I only had the energy to interview 2 HomeCare companies. Both seemed great. How does one decide? I chose Synergy because they bill by the minute, required no prior deposit, and I just had to pick. Not that the other company might not have been as good, but I can tell you that Synergy has been everything I could have asked for. I ultimately did not ask them to help until the day before I needed it and they got us a caregiver, that we had been so happy with, for the next day. Although we were not sure that Sue would be able to be with Mom for all 4 days that we needed in the beginning, every day that Sue was still available, they sent her back. Ultimately, we had the same caregiver for the time. That was very helpful. And what a jewel Sue is. She is soft spoken, gentle, and so kind with Mother. Mother has been so pleased with her care and company. Layla has been wonderful getting me started. And every time I have called, the one answering the phone has been pleasant and always happy to meet our needs. I will recommend Synergy to all in need. My only regret is that home care can get to be so expensive that we will be needing to move Mother to an assisted living facility to ensure that her funds will see her through. So sorry that she did not get long-term insurance some years ago.

PK (07/2018)

This is an incredibly competent group of people who continue to work hard to make person-centered dementia care their priority.

George P (06/2108)

I would like Lauren every Thursday, if she is unable to come we would not like a replacement. She can get my mom to do things and go places no one else can.

Marlee (06/2018)

Wonderful, caring caregivers who are pleasant, responsive, and punctual.

Gina H (05/2018)

Thank you Synergy for having Stacy come out and celebrate my mom's birthday with her. We love Delores and are so pleased with Synergy.

Eric G (05/2018)

Synergy HomeCare has been outstanding. After an unexpected discharge from the hospital (rehab was denied by insurance company), Synergy swooped in on very short notice to provide 24/7 care needed for my Dad. They are still serving my parents 4 months later and we are grateful for the loving care they receive on a daily basis. Synergy has shown extra care in matching the caregivers to my parent's personalities. Our regular crew of CNA's are like family! We love them. 

Terri (05/2018)

Synergy Home Care services have been outstanding. After an unexpected discharge from the hospital (rehab was denied by the insurance company), Synergy swooped in on very short notice to provide the 24/7 assistance needed for my Dad. They are still serving my parents 4 months later, and we are grateful for the loving care they receive on a daily basis. Synergy has shown extra care in matching caregivers to the personalities of my parents. Our regular CNA crew of caregivers are like family. We love them!

Cathy (03/2018)

It was a dark and cold night in February when I was approached by our nursing staff that we had an ill male patient who was worried about his aged wife having something to eat. I met with him and he did have real concerns and a plan for her but didn't have a way to make his plan work. It was thought that his concerns might impact his consenting to needed medical care and that a little-aged lady might go hungry.  So.... who was thought of first as the ONE who could help? Sue from Synergy! Your kindness still stands tall. Thank you for being who you are.....  Sue with a big heart. Blessings, Cathy. 



Cathy (09/2017)

This provider focuses on quality care always. Strongly recommend.

Jennifer (11/2017)

I have recommended SYNERGY for 8 years to my families while working with home health and hospice. They continue to give great care to pts and families but also fill last-minute referrals for pts leaving the hospital. Thank you for all you do! Plus, giving a peace of mind to pts and families with your care.

John (12/2017)

Dear Sue and all Synergy HomeCare Staff, Thanks for all that you did for our father, Gray. We know that you deal with some tough patients and families, so we very much appreciate your efforts to help us. We especially want to thank Sandra for all that she did in the time she was with our dad. She is amazing, but that really goes for the whole group that came to his house in the two months we needed your assistance. Thanks for everything and we hope you all have a great 2018. 

Chloe (01/2017)

I have used Synergy Homecare on and off as needed for my husband's care. When I have had to change the hours at a moments notice, they have been fantastic in meeting my needs. The caregivers have all had my husband's best interests at heart. They are prompt and have brought all issues to address to me or all the staff. I would recommend them if a need arises in your life.

Derek Seaman (02/2017)

Synergy has been wonderful to work with for the help of my grandmother. They make us feel confident she is getting the best care available. Communication is excellent, caregivers feel like a part of the family, and they truly seem to care for my Grandmother.
Highly recommend considering them for care!

Donna Kilts (02/2017)

I was so thankful to find Synergy Homecare after I had major outpatient surgery. I'm a single female with no family locally who could have assisted me, and I needed someone to help me get up every couple of hours or so to move around. I would highly recommend their services...


Sherburn Searl (03/2016)

"We thank you for your visits to Sherburn. He always enjoyed seeing the pretty ladies and would say "Thank you again for the love and care you gave and we think of Sheryl as a family member"  

Robert Leninger (4/2016)

"Synergy, working within the guidelines of GA law did a very good job in all respects. I would never again use any domestic employee in my home who is not coming from an agency who gives W2's - It is far too risky - I know!!"

Carl Bhame (3/2016)

"Thank you for providing caring members of Synergy to help us manage my husband's final illness. Their help was essential to providing for Carl's needs and also for helping me"


Beverly Campbell (02/2015)

"Caregivers are always attentive and do everything needed plus more! Caregivers are extremely patient and everything involved in her care is above and beyond. Synergy HomeCare relieves stress and we are totally comfortable with them. They are responsive to anything we need. Synergy HomeCare is the best thing that has ever happened to us."

Christina Schuh (02/2015)

"Synergy HomeCare is the most responsive out of all services I have had. Synergy HomeCare is very flexible in covering our needs."

William Jones (02/2015)

"Synergy HomeCare is efficient, business-like, and very helpful. My caregivers show concern for my well-being which is comforting."

Bob Lichner (01/2015)

"Synergy HomeCare doesn't make me feel like they are serving me, they actually seem to care and are sympathetic in trying to make my life easier."

Betty Burch (01/2015)

"Happy with Long Term Caregiver Irene. All needs and expectations were met with her! Excellent Appearance, Punctuality, Skill, and Reliability. "

Lonnie Stokes (01/2015)

"Every Caregiver was exceptional, any time we called office we were treated professionally and taken care of any changes we needed. Our expectations were high but our caretakers exceeded all of our expectations. Our caregivers were Stella & Alice."

Deatra B. (01/2015)

"Charlotte Walker was hired by family to be the live-in caregiver for my 87-year-old grandmother who suffered from End Stage Alzheimer’s. Charlotte cared for my grandmother for 11 days around the clock until her peaceful death. She exemplified excellent caregiving skills. She used appropriate skills in working with patients with Dementia/Alzheimer’s by exemplifying excellent patience and directing/redirecting skills. Her skincare, Foley care, and transfer techniques were outstanding. She used a Hoyer lift appropriately while keeping the patient and family calm. She was very conscientious when sanitizing the equipment and of the cleanliness of the environment.  She showed great knowledge of appropriate nourishment for an Alzheimer’s patient as they declined to death. Her understanding of Hospice/palliative approach was very welcomed and helpful to my grandmother and our family.

Although her skills are excellent and I highly recommend her to any job where she can utilize her CNA skills, it is Charlotte’s disposition that I must commend. Charlotte had a grace about her that was calming and reassuring to my grandmother and our family. She followed the expectations of care that we set to the utmost. Whatever we asked of her, she had a willing spirit. She was patient and kind, even when her privacy was compromised the last few days of my grandmother’s life when lots of family was present. Having someone in your home full time is not easy for the family or the CNA. However, in this case, Charlotte was so flexible and socially considerate, that she calmed the situation and was a delight to be with.

I have been an RN for 20 years and have worked in Hospice for 10 of those years. I have extremely high expectations for care and I am very critical of those licensed individuals who don’t act on high standards. So needless to say, I am a hard person to impress, especially when it came to my Grandmother’s care. Not only did Charlotte impress me, but also was a saving grace to me as my grandmother passed. I will never forget her genuine care both physically and emotionally."


Melba Wood (12/2014)

"I like how the office always sounds upbeat on the phone when they answer. They never sound annoyed or bothered. I would recommend this agency for Home Care because they are providing everything that I expected plus a little more. Everything has been so easy and professionally handled."

Marilyn Bartman (12/2014)

"We chose this company because we didn’t have to pay up front, they deal with my agency directly. Sometimes the caregivers show up a bit late but I have recommended this company in the past and will continue to do so."

Anonymous (12/2014)

"I don't communicate with company unless I have a problem. One of my caregivers is great but a little inexperienced and the other does everything and anything needed. Synergy HomeCare is friendly and on top of things. Anytime I have a problem I call them, and that's how it should be."

Melissa Bradshaw (11/2014)

"Caregivers communicate very well and same with the office. I haven't had any problems so far which is good!"

Charlotte Petit (11/2014)

"I selected Synergy HomeCare because they seem to be a smaller company that can really give me the attention I need. I had a few problems and they handled them perfectly. Synergy HomeCare is a great agency that takes care of all our needs."

Maria Fraser (10/2014)

"Communication with Synergy HomeCare’s office has been wonderful. They send us emails and call every once in a while to check up. Anytime I’ve needed them they have been excellent and professional."

Anonymous (10/2014)

"Most of the caregivers are attentive and do what are asked immediately. I had one caregiver though that just sat there until you told them to do something. Office is available 24/7 which is what we really loved! The staff/owners run the company well and can tend to about anything we could think of!"

Gerald Riegger (10/2014)

"The training of the caregivers by Synergy is apparent. Synergy tells me they have continued training each year. The office staff is EXCELLENT! They have never let me down."

Hembree Senior Living (09/2014)

"We are confident in Synergy HomeCare because they are very responsive to our needs. We would recommend them because their caregivers are professional and trained. The office staff is also extremely attentive which you don't get everywhere."

Matthew Miles (09/2014)

"The caregiver, Cindy, is great because she picks up everything I need before coming over. I appreciate the personal attention, flexibility, and caregiver from Synergy HomeCare."

Strawberri Bryant (09/2014)

"Donna is very flexible and accommodates my schedule even if it is last minute, she also feeds my children. Donna is very clean and neat and is able to give me good advice to help my baby."

Myron Slater (09/2014)

"The caregiver from Synergy HomeCare does so much for my husband to lift stress off of both our lives and always has a smile on her face! We really enjoy our regular caregiver and enjoy the time she is here."

Elfrieda Flack (08/2014)

"I think Synergy HomeCare is full of very ethical people. I think their training is excellent and proficient. The caregivers are very caring people and my wife has always been impressed by this. They actually take interest in her and always are asking if she has any pain or discomfort. I would certainly recommend Synergy HomeCare to anyone in the market."

Ruth Kirby (08/2014)

"I don't prompt the caregivers of Synergy HomeCare to do anything, they just do a good job. They don't leave anything undone, and never leave me uncomfortable. I have dealt with other companies and these caregivers are by far the best."

Linda Lively (08/2014)

"Caregiver spent more time talking about her problems than anything else. She was very nice I just expected her to do more, maybe she was new? The main office was very attentive though and helped me with a replacement promptly."

Eunice Rosser (07/2014)

"Synergy HomeCare has wonderful communication with me and responds well to unexpected problems. This is a fantastic agency that takes care of their clients in a reliable fashion. They have well-trained Caregivers and the office management is very good at finding out our individual and unique needs."

M. Tyner 4/2014

"I would like to take a moment to thank you for sending Teresa Evans to care for my husband, Bill, as he recently recovered from pneumonia and influenza at Johns Creek Emory Hospital. Ms. Evans kept Bill safe and comfortable as he became more and more alert near the end of his 30-day ICU stay. She never lost her patience and endured some pretty crazy stories as the sedation medicine wore off and induced some realistic dreams he recounted over and over again. Ms. Evans is quite a professional. The hospital nurses appreciated her presence as much as I did. She attended to Bill's one on one needs and was an extremely valuable part of his successful recovery. Bill was admitted to the hospital Jan 15 and spent 36 days there. I am happy to report he is back at work and loving life. I more than anyone else appreciate and value what an important part Synergy and Teresa Evans paid in this miraculous recovery!"

John P.  (02/2014)

I received the acknowledgment of Synergy's gift to St. Joe's Mercy Care in memory of my Mother. So very nice of you all to do!

While a thank you note will be coming I did want to let you know how very much I appreciate your kind gesture. Again, your group was a huge help in making Mother's last couple of months comfortable and secure — and a big help to us. Please make sure to pass along our best to Regina and Nadia.  I don't have Regina's phone number and would like to speak with her as didn't get a chance to do so. If you can pass that along I would appreciate it but if that is against company policy you can just have her call me.

I wish you and your company continued success.


Darrell S

“Charlotte is one of the most gentle, courteous, compassionate individuals I have yet to meet in the whole business of obtaining health aides for Dick. She was just absolutely wonderful! SYNERGY has a real jewel in this lovely lady.”

Olga E

“Stacy, one of the owners of SYNERGY, is so supportive of M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) she goes above and beyond her call of duty and does all she can to learn about my disease which enables her to deliver exceptional care. Stacy also walks in the MS Walk to support my team and I appreciate all that she does!”

Laura L.

“While I was there, on her second day, my Mom’s caregiver, Billie had bought them groceries, started their meal, cleaned up the dishes etc., washed my Mom's hair and was putting it in rollers before I left at 9:00. Unbelievable!!!! She knows what to do and is FAST. My Mom didn't know how to ask someone what she needed done. Billie wasn't there more than an hour and she had a schedule all figured out with my Mom's approval. My Mom, Dad and our whole family are so thankful for this great caregiver you sent us. She brightens up their morning with her and her cheery disposition. Thank you so very much.”

Laura M.

“I am so comfortable with the caregivers that SYNERGY Homecare sends to my home. They do an excellent job of keeping everything so clean and I am extremely happy with their service.”

Emma W.

“Thank you for everything you and your company did for us. I know it was a fairly short-lived relationship, but it made a huge difference for us and my mother's comfort in her last few days. Thank you also for attending to this end of the business for me. I really appreciate your efficiency and expediency.”

Frank C.

“As an RN working in the homecare and hospice industry for over 15 years, I am so glad to have formed a relationship with SYNERGY HomeCare and to comfortably be able to refer SYNERGY to my patients and know that they will always be taken care with the utmost care. SYNERGY works so well with our hospice agency and does a fabulous job of communicating with our team and our mutual clients. Thank you SYNERGY for doing a fantastic job!”

Tracy P. RN

“I appreciate all that you have done for me and mom. I cannot tell you how nice it has been for me not only to have my Saturdays free but, to be able to have social visits with her instead of always errands.”

Jody M. 10/2013

"Thank you for your patience! Thank you also for the quality care and concern provided to my mother during her illness. Trivonne Ellis, in particular, demonstrated a level of personal interest and compassion that was a great comfort to our family during this difficult time."


Darrell S.

"There are certain people on your staff that did an incredible heartfelt job while caring for my mom. Deondra was one of those people. Dee is a very special person, and she made my mom's last few months so much better. She is a great caregiver who I would gladly write a personal recommendation for at any time. We could never have taken care of our mother without the help of Dee and your other caregivers."

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