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Does it take a long time to start service once I get in touch with the agency?

#13 How long will it take to get a caregiver?

How long it takes to get a caregiver out to your house depends on many factors.  Most agencies can have a case manger out to see you to start your paperwork within just a couple of hours.  In some cases agencies can even have a caregiver start service that same day.  Most calls agencies get are people who are not in an immediate care need situation. Most people want to set up a reoccurring service that will be with the same caregiver or group of caregivers so that the caregivers and client can get to know one another and develop a comfortable relationship. 

When an agency does get an emergency caregiver need the situation is very different.  At that point the agency's scheduler typically will call an elite team that doesn't work regular cases, but instead handles the last minute, call off or emergency cases.  This means you might get a caregiver your first shift and never see that caregiver again, but it means that the care is provided by a highly trained individual who can give a quick response and assess the situation and do what needs to be done immediately.  It's a trade off, but a pretty good one.

#14 Can I still have a caregiver if I live in a nursing home or assisted living?

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