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SYNERGY HomeCare of North Georgia Blog


July 30, 2013

At Synergy Homecare, quite a few of our senior clients have pets in the home.  For years, we’ve seen studies and research articles that state how owning a pet is good for your health and the same is true for seniors.  While the obvious good effect is seen when trained helper dogs are working to help the blind continue to get around and help disabled individuals to perform daily tasks; the same can be said of the non-obvious effects of emotional and psychological improvement. Seniors seem to be generally happier when they are pet owners.  Having a dog or cat around to care for can give them purpose, provide companionship, and serve as a constant reminder that when they are taking care of their pet that they need to care for themselves as well.  

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January 01, 0001

July 28th of 2013 will mark the 6th annual observance of World Hepatitis Day co-sponsored by the World Health Organization and the World Hepatitis Alliance.  For anyone who is unfamiliar about Hepatitis check out the World Hepatitis Alliance Website.  Hepatitis simply means an inflammation of the liver.  Hepatitis B and C are 2 of the viruses that can cause inflammation and eventually cirrhosis of the liver.  Cirrhosis of the liver is commonly thought of as something linked with alcoholism; however these viruses can lead to heavy internal bleeding, liver cancer, coma, liver failure and death.  And they have nothing to do with alcoholism.  Hepatitis B and C kills approximately one million people a year and it is estimated that nearly 500 million people are currently infected with the virus.

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