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Top 5 Questions for Someone Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

        In doing research for this article on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I repeatedly came across a recurring notion of how on earth I would feel if I received a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.    

Having never been diagnosed with any disease of the sort, I cannot even imagine how many feelings you would experience at once.  How many questions would be running through my mind, I asked myself?

At this point, I realized that for someone newly diagnosed,questions can be very powerful. Obtaining answers can help take away fears.  

The following list is five questions that I hope can help anyone newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer to plan their attack on cancer.

    1. What is the name of my cancer, where is it, what size is it, has it spread and in what stage is it?
    2. What is my prognosis and what type of treatment options am I looking at?
    3. Who does my primary care provider refer to in terms of oncologists, breast surgeons, treatment centers?  Does he know them personally?  What type of experience do they have?
    4. What if I don’t like the doctor I am referred to?  What does my instinct tell me?
    5. What if my treatment options (Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy) don’t allow me to carry on as normal?  

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