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How to avoid the problems many families encounter when search for a senior care agency to hire in Northwest Georgia.

        If you have been following our series on 14 questions you should know before hiring a senior care agency, then you definitely want to pay attention to this one. 

        #3 Are the agency's caregivers employees or independent contractors? (You might want an agency that knows its employees, not one that just acts as an employment agency.)

        We at Synergy Homecare of North Georgia hire all of our caregivers as employees.  You may be thinking to yourself, "why does this matter?" The reason it matters is quite simply, you want your loved one cared for by the best possible person you can get. When Synergy Homecare hires a caregiver we go through an extensive process with every applicant of interviews and vetting that person to make sure they are someone we feel comfortable in allowing to work with your mom or dad.  As more than an employment agency, we get to know our caregivers personally.  This way we can hand pick which caregiver has the best personality and skill set for your family, not just who is willing to take a particular shift. 

        Additionally, when hiring an agency who hires their employees directly, you can avoid some of the pitfalls of using a staffing agency.  The biggest pitfall is replacements.  Most people do not find the "perfect fit" caregiver right out of the gate.  With a senior care agency like Synergy HomeCare, you can feel comfortable knowing that if the personalities of your loved one and the caregiver do not immediately gel, then you can call Synergy and we will try a different caregiver.  The satisfaction of our seniors, their families and the caregiver all must be taken into account and balanced. 

        Finally, with Synergy Homecare, you can feel safe knowing that all of the pricing, payments, insurance and any other financial matter flow directly through the agency.  You will never be pressured by an aide to pay them directly as with some staffing agency caregivers.  Families need to have the burdens and stresses associated with elder care removed from their shoulders, not made more complicated.  Hiring an agency that takes the time and effort to put together a team of employees all working toward a common goal of improving the quality of life for their clients is the way to achieve actual help for seniors and their families.

The next installment in this series:

#4 Are caregivers bonded and insured? (They should be.)

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