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Caregiver supervision is essential to providing quality care.

#7 Will an agency supervisor evaluate the quality of care you receive?  How often?

When you sign up for a caregiver the first thing most people want to know is "what is this person going to do for me?"  Clients and their families always want to know how the caregiver knows what needs to be done and how that caregiver is monitored if a supervisor isn't in the home to keep an eye on them.  The answer should come in the form of a care plan.  A good agency will put together a unique care plan for every person they work with.  Care plans are made by interviewing and talking to the client and their family and getting to know them.  Often as the case manager or nurse talks with the new client, they think of tasks that the client did not even remember to ask for.  The client should then be put on a regular schedule for nursing visits. The nurse visits are not for a nurse to come out and perform skilled tasks, but rather to check in on how the client is progressing and if the caregiver(s) are doing a good job.  At Synergy, we also keep in contact with most of our clients on regular phone conversations to check in and make sure clients are feeling good about the level of service and if they need a change of any type.  

#8 Billing questions to ask your homecare agency.

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