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Does Synergy HomeCare offer any additional training to caregivers?

#6 What sort of training do the employees receive? Is training ongoing?

Caregivers should always being updating their training.  For the state of Georgia, caregivers are required to receive at least 8 hours of continuing education training each year.  This makes sense as the field of home health grows and changes, caregivers need to be up to date on the latest theories and ideas.  You certainly wouldn't want a doctor who doesn't keep up with the latest techniques, and you don't want a caregiver who doesn't either. 

Training should also come in many formats.  There are all kinds of additional learning that caregivers can do.  At Synergy we offer training in person, on-line and on the job.  Our in person training is offered through assisting caregivers to sign up for classes at CNA schools, through local hospitals and facilities and through in-services.  We also offer training on the job.  Many cases require a caregiver to know very specific skills and not all schools teach the same method of performing those skills.  Often having an experienced caregiver, case manager or Registered Nurse teach a caregiver specifically howto manage a task can mean the difference between a good fit between client and caregiver; or a staffing nightmare. 

Finally, Synergy offers training through an on-line program called Lifetime Learning.  All caregivers can take on-line courses free of charge as often as they like on their own schedule.  The courses are designed to enhance skills in core caregiver skills and knowledge as well as certify caregivers in Memory Care and Alzheimer's training.  This extra knowledge is a great resource for the caregivers who are working with clients especially struggling with a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's. 

The next question you might ask is that now that the caregivers are trained, who will make sure they are following through with the job correctly?

#7 Will an agency supervisor evaluate the quality of care you receive?  How often?

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