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Seniors who socialize more are generally happier.

There are many reports out these days to say that seniors are happier when they spend at least 3 hours per day socializing with others.  This seems like common sense when you think about it as seniors who spend all day, every day alone tend to have more problems with depression.   So what does that mean for you if you are searching for a way to help your mom or dad who lives alone and seems depressed?

Some researchers suggest having mom or dad go to a senior center or adult day center.  This is a good idea for some seniors; however for many seniors the idea of getting up every day and finding a way to head down to their local senior center or adult day center is just too overwhelming. Many senior centers like the ones here in Bartow and Cherokee Counties have a bus that will pick up a senior and take them to the center and then return them home when they are finished with activities.  For a senior who is motivated to call and request the bus and then head to the center, what a great idea.

What if your mom or dad is not that motivated type of person who is going to make the plans and get out there?  My grandmother, before she passed away, was definitely not that type of senior.  Her idea of spending time socializing was having my mother drag her around to stores and restaurants and basically be her entertainment.  Although my mom was able to do that, most sons and daughters can't.  Most people either live too far from their mom or dad or they have jobs that prevent them from being a caregiver for their mom or dad. Let's face it that is truly what my mom was doing is being a caregiver.  She was responsible for helping my grandmother with dressing, getting around her house, driving her to doctor's appointments and errands, meals and helping to manage her medications. 

For those who can't be the caregiver for their mom or dad,for whatever reason; I encourage them to call an agency like Synergy HomeCare of North Georgia.  We understand completely what you are facing and can help you figure out how best to help with what your mom or dad is going through.

Please call 770-783-2323.  We're here to help.

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