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What is it like to live with MS

Living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

If you have a loved one who is living with MS then you should read this article.  This is the story of a former client in Dallas, GA who shared with me her frustrations of living with MS every day.

I once knew a woman who was truly suffering from MS.  She said the worst thing someone ever said to her about her MS was that she looked like nothing was wrong with her.  This very wonderful lady who was kind to everyone told me how that simple comment made her absolutely want to scream obscenities at the world.  My friend explained that it is so frustrating to her that people dismiss the fact that she has a real disease simply because they can't actually see her symptoms.  But how do you see when someone has tingling in their arms and weakness and muscle spasms in their legs.  How do you see that being in a room where the ambient temperature is above 70°. No one could see the vision problems she was having and the anxiety she felt when she couldn't find the right words she was looking for.

Luckily for my friend, she was able to get some real help from the wonderful people at the Georgia Chapter of the National MS Society.  They were able to help her connect to a support group in Dallas. They helped get her connected to one of the best physicians in the country who specializes in MS and even offer education in how to get help in caring for someone with MS, financial assistance and education of the disease progression. 

Living with MS can also be difficult for the loved ones of the person suffering from the disease. Caring for anyone with a debilitating illness is not easy and MS is no different.  I strongly recommend checking out a support group or church group that can help you deal with the stresses on your daily life.

Go to the National MS website for the GA chapter to get in touch with a group of really great folks just waiting to offer some help.

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