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How do I know if my mom or dad needs extra help?

What to do when you have that nagging worry about mom or dad?

The other day (in the South all great stories begin with “the other day”) I met with a family who were just beginning to search for help for mom.  They had begun this search not because a doctor had diagnosed mom with heart problems or because she was suffering from Parkinson’s or some other disease, but because recently she just can’t seem to process information the way she used to.  Unfortunately, as case managers in home care, we see this type of situation a lot.   Sons and daughters will gradually start noticing some pretty telling signs that mom or dad may need help.

How do you know what to look for?  Unfortunately, there is no definitive checklist you can just check off and say yes now it is time to seek help.  There are, however, warning signs to help you in lieu of that wonderful checklist.  Falls are a big concern with seniors.  Many times a senior will fall and although they were fortunate enough not to have broken or permanently damaged anything, they can’t remember what caused them to fall.  This is usually a big red flag for medical professionals that something might be going on such as an undiagnosed condition that needs to be treated.  Sometimes a fall is because mom or dad has gotten so good at hiding their mobility issues that no one realized how bad off they were until stairs became too much to handle. 

A significant weight loss is another warning sign something might be wrong with mom or dad.  A decreased appetite is pretty normal among seniors, but a significant weight loss is not normal.  If your mom or dad has suddenly lost a lot of weight then you should investigate why.  Just one of the many reason could be that they are unable to really prepare their own meals and are simply not eating or just getting by on snacks and light munchies. 

Memory loss and mood swings can often indicate a need for help in elder adults.  Often when a senior is alone most of the time, depression can start to set in and their health will start to decline because of the depression.  No one likes to be alone all the time and a caregiver providing companionship may be just the pick me up mom or dad needs.

Whatever the case may be, if you are worried about an aging parent, then chances are something is going on that is causing that worry.  Anytime you need to talk, Synergy Homecare is ready to listen.  Our caring, compassionate care managers are standing by to offer support and guidance in seeking the right care plan for your mom or dad. 

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