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Personal Care by Synergy Homecare Your Hometown Caregiving Company In Marietta, GA

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”- This is my favorite movie quote of all time. 

This is a line delivered beautifully and perfectly by Meg Ryan in Nora Ephron’s homage to AOL entitled “You’ve Got Mail.”  For anyone who for some reason I could never understand who has not seen this wonderful movie or simply can’t remember the scene, I will briefly recreate the background.  The story is that Meg Ryan (playing the lovely Kathleen Kennedy) owns a small children’s bookstore on the upper West Side of New York and her store is going out of business due to customers flocking to the cheaper commercialized Fox Books Chain store opening soon down the street.  Kathleen meets Joe Fox (owner of Fox Books) and not knowing who he is falls for him.  When the two realize it is Joe who has put Kathleen out of business he tells her, “it wasn’t personal. It’s just business.” And then Kathleen utters her wonderful lines.  She asks the question what is wrong with business being personal.  I love this movie line because I think it embodies how I approach business; personally. 

I share this today because as business owners, we at Synergy Homecare are always caught between being a business person and being personal with our clients.  A home care business is all about being personal with our clients.  At SYNERGY Homecare we sit for hours if need be getting to know a new client prior to ever starting to work with them.   We do this so that we can get to know them better and do a much better job at client and caregiver matching.  That is hugely personal.    We provide personal care in terms of the actual service as well.  Bathing, dressing and toileting are some of the most personal care tasks you can perform.  Being a personal company means our clients can talk to us when they have issues and know that while we aren’t always perfect, we always strive to do our very best at providing quality, compassionate care.

That being said, we also have to run a business. We have to only hire people who are licensed appropriately and/or have appropriate training to meet both State of Georgia and our own business standards.  We must have guidelines and rules for caregivers to follow to provide uniform care.  And we must enforce those rules when necessary to ensure we provide care that is the highest possible standard around. 

With this approach, I like to think of SYNERGY Homecare as being the perfect mix of business and personal.  A company you can trust to care for the senior in your life that needs that extra helping hand.

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