Top Picks for Cool Senior Gadgets


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Top Picks for Cool Senior Gadgets

Top Picks for Cool Gadgets for Senior Citizens

When you work with Senior Citizens and Disabled Adults, one question you get asked a lot is, “what is the coolest gadget you have seen to make something easier for senior or someone with a disability?”  Of course a lot of this depends on the functional need of the person using the device.  Obviously a device meant to lend a helping hand isn’t that big of a deal for someone who can’t walk but has 2 perfectly functioning hands and arms.  That being said, I am listing my top 10 faves here just for fun!  Enjoy!

  1. Ring Zipper Pulls: I love these for folks who have arthritis and can’t grasp the tiny pulls on most zippers.  These things are so simple and convenient; I wish I had thought of them.

  2. Pen or Pencil Holder: Writing Pen Holder PhotoThis is a great tool also for people with arthritis or those with neuropathy as it makes gripping a pen so much easier.  It is amazing how something so simple can improve taking care of small tasks like signing your name.

  3. Toilet Seat Risers:  Many people think to install grab bars in the bathroom to make toileting easier but often times it is simply not enough.  When sitting down on a low chair is difficult, sitting on a low toilet seat can be near impossible and lead to embarrassing accidents.  Raising the seat may not be the solution for everyone as many people will still need the assistance of a professional or family caregiver; but for some this can mean putting off getting help for quite some time.

  4. Sock Pullers and Other Dressing Aids:  Sock pullers are really cool products.  They are designed to help in pulling on socks and some compression stockings for people who have trouble with bending and reaching or for individuals such as stroke patients who have limited hand function. 

  5. Button Hook PhotoButton Hook:  This device, like the zipper pulls can totally change someone’s wardrobe.  Imagine having use of only one hand and trying to fasten a button up shirt.  Try it.  Not so easy is it.  These little tools change that and open up a world of shopping possibilities for those with limited hand function.

  6. Photo Dialers:  This is an awesome tool for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia issues.  These devices can be loaded with photos and phone numbers and then attached to a phone such that the individual only need press on the Photo Button to call anyone on their contact list.  What a great idea when mom or dad can’t remember the name of who they want to talk to, but remembers the face.

  7. Helping Hands in the Kitchen:  I am not sure what else to call this device.  The purpose of this simple design is to hold open a plastic zipper bag or sandwich bag so you can fill it one handed.  What an awesome thing for those who don’t have the use of one hand.Kitchen zipper bag holder

  8. Pot Holder:  This device holds a pot or pan still while cooking so that you can stir and flip and cook without the pan sliding all over your stove.  I believe they work with either gas or electric stove tops. 

  9. Swedish Cutting Board:  This is a great tool for anyone regardless of abilities.  The idea is that the cutting board holds the food in place so you don’t have too.  Additionally, most styles have a shallow end for holding the cut pieces or the waste.  How awesome is that?  No more cut fingers!

  10. Playing Card Holder:  My top pick is an idea I actually thought my husband invented for my own mother.  Unfortunately, we have seen many commercially available styles since then.  These are awesome as playing cards is a great pastime and many games take little skill and can be played by anyone.

Wooden Card Holder Photo


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