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Getting the Answers about Home Care

Many families with seniors to care for assume that nursing homes and assisted living communities are better equipped to provide seniors with quality medical attention than they might be right at home. It's a myth, though. Many studies show that with the personalized care available at home through professional in-home care services, seniors actually experience higher levels of satisfaction with life and better health, as well. If you would like to consider in-home care for a loved one but aren't sure about how it works, here are quick answers:

Isn't in-home care too expensive?

According to a poll by Senior Housing News, one in two families with elderly loved ones to care for believe that they have no choice but to go with nursing home care, even if in-home care would make them happier. They tend to be so certain that senior home care is likely to be priced out of their reach that they never make inquiries. In truth, in-home care by trained professionals is the more affordable alternative. With flexibility of hours and care based on the individual needs and goals of your loved one, in-home care is definitely the better choice.

Where do you find the money?

If your elderly family member has purchased a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, they can often use these policies to help cover in-home care costs. Long-term care insurance can help minimize your financial impact and once in force these policies can cover a variety of ongoing service options.

If your loved one owns a home, they may also be eligible for a reverse mortgage. There are a number of qualifications, but if you meet the standard your elder can turn the equity in their home into cash. They will remain living in and owning the home, eliminate mortgage payments and have the resources to hire a specialized home caregiver.

Can you get just the services that you want?

Many people do not consider in-home care for their loved ones simply because they believe they will end up having to buy a host of services that they do not need. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the senior care experts at SYNERGY HomeCare, in-home care providers unbundle each one of their services. When the complimentary home assessment is completed, the goal is to tailor the services to the needs of the client. Often there are opportunities to set up a plan that can not only meet the needs of the client and the concerns of the family, but also work with a budget that is fixed.                                             

Which is better -- hiring someone privately or going through an agency?

Many families worry about the costs involved in professional in-home care, hiring privately through classified services for their pocket-friendly appearance. While it certainly is possible to find care providers for less in this way, it can be a risky proposition. Untrained and uninsured workers, attendance and difficult tax responsibilities make the private hiring route far less value for the money than the agency route.

Finding well-trained caregivers can be of immense value when it comes to helping elderly loved ones make their way through their remaining years. The hiring process should be about finding someone with both expertise and the right personality. It can take considerable work to learn the lay of the land at first, though. The more you read up, the better your choices will be.

Gaye Aaberg
Gaye Aaberg

Gaye has helped to care for her mother who had Parkinson's Disease, her sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law. Gaye is passionate about helping people to age comfortabley in their home. We are devoted to helping families find solutions to care for their loved ones. 

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