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We thank our clients for wonderful words
reminding us that we make a difference
in the quality of their lives

Reviews are the windows into our core of trust and compassion---something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. Most home care agencies will tell you that they’re "the best in town." Read the reviews and feel your way to reason as you make your decision.

SYNERGY HomeCare's reviews are the stories written about us by clients and their families. We believe it's important for new clients to "feel their way to reason" before hiring us as their caregiver. What we mean by this is for them to get an idea of what it will be like for their mom or dad to have in-home help. That's what reviews do---they paint the picture. Once a potential new client thinks SYNERGY HomeCare might be the agency for them, we offer a meeting to discuss every single question, concern, and logistic.

For example, anyone can make a PB&J for your mom's lunch. We don't just go through the motions of putting a plate in front of your mom; we include your mom in the process so that she feels like she has choices. Her caregiver will remember that she likes to have a cookie after lunch. Or a cup of tea---it's the little things that matter. And as time goes on, your mom will know what foods she likes best from her caregiver and can request her favorites. Before you know it, Mom and her caregiver have started building a nice, trusting relationship that makes your mom noticeably happier. And when they're working on a dining room table-sized puzzle together, you call Mom, she may tell you she can't talk now. And that's a good thing. There's peace of mind knowing that your mom is thriving and safe, and will call you back "when she can!!" That's a sweet story. And a common one.


Sasha Corwin ★★★★★
June 2019
Amy is absolutely amazing. All around a genuine gal. She makes anyone feel at ease. Thank you for being a great human being.

Response from the owner:
“Thank you Sasha! Amy is WONDERFUL! We are proud to have her on our team!”

Mary Ann O’Donnell ★★★★★
June 2019
Extremely professional caring staff that took great care of my mom. They thought of every detail and I was very pleased with the wonderful care my mom received.

Response from the owner
“Mary Ann, we really enjoyed spending time with your Mom! Thank you for your review!”

Tess Majers ★★★★★
April 2019
Synergy is above all the rest! Their employees care for your family as if it’s their own family. I have gotten to speak with Betsy and she is so caring, kind, and experienced. Definitely the best home care in town!

Response from the owner
“Tess, thank you so very much for your kind words and five star review!”

Danielle Weber ★★★★★
August 2019
Not only do they treat their clients with respect and great care but they treat their employees with the same kindness and treatment as well.

Response from the owner

“Danielle, thank you so much for these kind words! We pride ourselves on our Client & Caregiver relationships, and we appreciate you for your 5-Star Review!”

Joe Washington ★★★★★
May 2019
This team is Aces! They bring high energy and a positive attitude to everything they do. People you can trust with the people that you love.

Response from the owner
“Appreciate your kind words!”

Mark Muehleck ★★★★★
April 2019
Gaye and Jim are some of the greatest people and really grew a business that they can be proud! They are great stewards of the community and I am proud to refer their business to anyone.

Response from the owner
“Thank you Mark!!”

Glen Hedin ★★★★★
March 2019
Client care manager Aggie Hedin very experienced and helpful to our family!

Response from the owner
“Thank you, Glen!”

Terry Ballantini ★★★★★
May 2011
I have known Jim and Gaye Aaberg through our local McLean County Chamber. I have spent numerous hours with them in consultation, discussion about local ownership and staffing. I have learned about their business and watched them grow into Champaign and Decatur. They are great individuals who take care of their clients and their staff. Keep being successful.

Response from the owner
“We appreciate your review Terry!”

Jennifer Williams ★★★★★
March 2019
Run by fantastically caring people who are by your side the entire experience.

Response from the owner
“Jennifer, we truly appreciate your 5* Review!”

Sam Lewis ★★★★★
April 2019

For Jim and Gaye Aaberg this is not just their business. It is their mission. It shows in the service they provide to their clients and their clients’ families. They have a passion for what they do.

Response from the owner
“Thank you Sam!”

Adam Miller  ★★★★★
July 2019

Response from the owner
"We appreciate your review Adam!"

Kate Piela ★★★★★
August 2109

Response from the owner
"Kate, Thank you so much for your 5-Star review!"

Brad Elliott  ★★★★★
June 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you Brad!"

McKenna Deutsch  ★★★★★
August 2019

Response from the owner
"McKenna, thank you for your 5-Star Review!"

Lindsey Brown  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you Lindsey!!!"

Carli Stickney  ★★★★★
July 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for your 5-Star Review, Carli!"

Holden Snyder ★★★★★
May 2019

Response from the owner
Thank you Holden!

Sue Wilson  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you Sue!"

Mary Vrabel  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for your 5-Star review Mary!"

Chris Frisch  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you Chris!!!"

Nia Gilbert  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for your 5-Star Review Nia!"

Mike Bius  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you!"

Stephen Montgomery  ★★★★★
September 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for your review Stephen! We truly appreciate it!!!"

Ki'Mya Taborn  ★★★★★
March 2019
Response from the owner
"Thank you Ki'Mya!!!"

Jessica Baker  ★★★★★
May 2019
Response from the owner
"We truly appreciate your review Jessica!"

12397ryan  ★★★★★
June 2019

Response from the owner
"We appreciate the review!"

Sean McCarthy  ★★★★★
June 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you, Sean!"

Jody Sprouls  ★★★★★
July 2019

Response from the owner 
"Thank you for the 5-Star Review Jody!"

Katie Peo  ★★★★★
May 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for the review Katie!"

Vanessa Kaye  ★★★★★
June 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for your review Vanessa!"

Lucy Koss  ★★★★★
July 2019

Response from the owner
"Lucy, Thank You for your 5-Star Review!

Alyssa S  ★★★★★
February 2019
Response from the owner
"Thank you Alyssa!"

Amber Heitz  ★★★★★
February 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you Amber!!!"

Angie Cowles  ★★★★★
March 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you for your 5-Star Review Angie!"

Benjamin Dahms  ★★★★★
April 2019

Response from the owner
"Thank you, Benjamin!"

Annaharkins ISU  ★★★★★

Response from the owner
"Thank you Anna!"

Jasmin Smith  ★★★★★

Response from the owner 
"Thank you for your 5-star review Jasmin!"

When Sammy walks through the door, I am thrilled to see her. She brightens my day.

- Sharon H.


I asked to have Rachel come twice a day to make things easier, and she’s really friendly. I like her very much, even though I’m older than her. I think she is 26.

- Melony B.


[The Caregivers] have been very good. I feel like the caregivers are dependable and show up. They are trustworthy and can get along with my husband, which is a good quality.

- Sandy & Ivan R.


[I chose SYNERGY because] A neighbor liked them, and I had met some of their workers and liked them too. It came highly recommended . . . They’ve made life much easier. I have back trouble, and my husband has heart trouble, so being in the house and doing cleaning how we like it done and doing extra for me has been helpful.

- Joan H.


They picked me up at the house and took me to the colonoscopy appointment. I live a half hour away, so that was a nice help . . . The procedure took a couple of hours, and she waited there and cooperated with the people . . . Everything was clearly communicated to me. I had no problem at all before, during, or after.

- David L.


They get my groceries for me. I order them online, and they pick them up for me. They do my laundry and make my bed. They refill my bird feeder, put my groceries away, and vacuum. They help me with bathing. Anything I have asked them to do, they have done.

- Darlene S.


Our experience with Synergy Home Care was beyond our family’s expectations. Synergy was recommended to us by the team at Sugar Creek.  My first experience was with Jim. He shared with me why he and his wife started Synergy in Bloomington-Normal. Jim and his family have experienced what we have as we progress through the world of Dementia and Alzheimer’s with my mother. 

My father had been serving as my mother’s primary care giver. Her condition had progressed to the point where a team of professionals was necessary. Necessary for my mother and also to provide much needed respite for my father. It was at that point that Betsy did a home visit and bonded with my mother. Betsy and I shared several conversations and email prior to the home visit. What impressed me was that she wanted to know what mom likes. She knew my mother by the time she arrived for the home visit. Taking her chocolate and flowers.  She wanted to know about my mother-her likes, dislikes, hobbies and much more.

Because of the urgent situation, we were in Synergy was able to have a caregiver to the house the next day.

The caregivers that came were wonderful, patient, knowledgeable and so kind.

Our partnership with Synergy was short because my mother was moved into an Alzheimer’s facility the following week. This too was difficult, but Betsy helped us through that transition. She would stop and check on mom when she was in the facility visiting other residences.

Our family is so thankful for the team at Synergy. We cannot recommend them enough. Please contact them soon. Do it for your loved ones and for yourself. It’s okay to ask for help and even more okay to accept it. Especially from Synergy.


SYNERGY HomeCare was a true blessing to our family in a time of crisis.  My mom needed help caring for her sick husband, who due to a sudden illness was quickly needing more care than she could provide - especially in the overnight hours when my mom needed to be resting.  

I reached out to Betsy Boge at SYNERGY HomeCare early on a Saturday morning and she came right out to discuss our needs.  The next night we had a wonderful caregiver at our house to help my mom overnight.  Cherelle, the caregiver, was beyond helpful.  She went above and beyond both for medical care and helping out around the house.  She gave my mom the peace of mind she needed to get a good night sleep.  Cherelle's pleasant demeanor and caring attitude brightened everyone's mood when she arrived each night.

Betsy also called frequently to make sure everything was going well.  It really felt like she was a good family friend who was helping us out during a difficult time. We can't recommend Synergy Home Care highly enough.  It was especially nice for me to know that even though I was far away, my mom and her husband were well taken care of by SYNERGY Home Care.

- Jenny L.

Synergy was there when I needed them. Gave me a much needed "break" from the constant care of my Mom until she was back on her own again. I was very comfortable leaving her in someone else's hands. I really appreciated the personal attention Jim/Gaye/Deb gave us - especially personally bringing the caregivers up to introduce them to use before they began taking care of Mom. I will definitely recommend you if anyone asks about caregivers.

- Dorothy N.

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