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Dementia Care

Care for dementia in all its varieties, Alzheimer’s, Lewy Bodies, Vascular, can be challenging but there are a few areas you can focus on to ensure the best care is provided.

Many times, family and friends feel responsible for a loved one's care but being responsible for care doesn’t always mean you have to provide all of the care. In fact, most individuals who try to handle the care, while juggling all of life’s many responsibilities, end up giving lower quality care than originally intended. Dementia brings with it a care requirement that demands continual focus and skill to ensure your loved one stays calm and safe.

Making sure the caregiver(s) remain healthy is an important area to focus on. How do you do that?

  1. Being honest with yourself on how much care you can effectively provide.
  2. Keep healthy – get proper exercise, rest and nutrition
  3. Leverage doctors, specifically neurologists, who specialize in dementia medical practice.
  4. Join support groups.
  5. Get educated – Alzheimer’s Association is a great place to start.
  6. Develop a plan to ensure your loved one has continued quality care.

We can help!

We are knowledgeable about dementia. From providing resources and care planning to supporting, we have helped many families regain normalcy in their lives and we help to ensure your loved one receives effective care with our services in dementia home care. We will consult with you and your family without any cost or obligation.

  1. Affiliated with Alzheimer Association – National Partner.
  2. Home care – memories and comfort are in a home which is very important in memory cases.
  3. Caregivers are trained specifically in dementia.
  4. Advanced training and certifications.
  5. Many successful dementia cases – references available.
  6. Start early – mild dementia is an opportunity to develop trusting relationships.

We have seen repeatedly first-hand how effective care can make dementia care manageable. While we will never sacrifice safety - our memory care experts enter your loved one’s world and allow them to feel independent and capable. Let us show you more about our Lincoln Park memory care services and the communities we serve!

In addition to our experience and quick response, there is another valuable resource through the Alzheimer Association - 24/7 Hotline - 800-272-3900

Our Clients Say It Best


"In reflecting upon this day and the time we have spent in the care of Synergy I just wanted to let you know that I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, responsiveness, compassion, caring and commitment to excellence.  You and your team touch people in deeply personal ways at their times of greatest need.  What you give is indescribable and invaluable.  I imagine you can only feel the stress and weight of that work, but I hope that you have perspective on all of the good that you do and find peace knowing that what you are engaged in a profession that is sometimes unsung and underappreciated but is yet among the most crucial, thankless and selfless of services to people.  I cannot thank you enough." - Kevin Freeman

"...she helped Sandy stick to exactly what was on the shopping list, made very good judgments, and still made sure Sandy had a pleasant time. I just wanted you to know, once again, how much we appreciate the quality of caregivers your agency has provided for us." - David R. Matteson, Ph.D

"A huge relief when caring for someone with dementia." - Clare B

"It's made all the difference. It gives me time to breathe and my husband appreciates having someone here." - Annelore C

"I would tell others that personnel I've met were excellent.!" - Antonio V

"The caregiver, Vivianna, is so observant. She makes my life less worrisome. I trust her more than my own sisters." - Eleonore P

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