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Creative Elderly Care: Designing Your Own Family Board Game

Elderly Care in Saint Charles, IL

Elderly-Care-in-Saint-Charles-ILBeing on an elderly care journey with your aging loved ones is all about keeping them at their best so that they can live the highest quality of life possible throughout their aging years. While this means making sure that they get the exercise that they need, eat a well-balanced diet, visit the doctor, and live in a safe and comfortable home, it also means keeping their minds sharp and active and encouraging them to stay vital, engaged, and constantly thinking.

Encouraging your parents to use their imaginations and think creatively supports faster cognitive processing, faster memory recall, and clearer, better critical thinking and problem solving. This means that as they age their minds will continue to be able to think clearly, process information effectively, recall information and memories, and make decisions quickly and effectively.

One creative and unique way that you can put some extra mental stimulation into your elderly care routine with your aging loved ones is by working with them, your children, your partner, and even your parents' elderly health care services provider to design and make your own family board game. Playing board games is already a popular way for families to spend time together and to get elderly minds working, but designing and making your own gives you the additional layer of having to come up with ideas, plan strategically, and create the entire concept of the game and all of its components. You can then play the game whenever you want a family activity, boosting your mental and emotional health every time you take it out and remember how much fun you all had together making it. 

Use these tips to help you design your own family board game as a unique and interesting mental stimulation activity within your elderly care plan with your loved ones:

• Come up with gameplay first. There are so many different types of board games around that it is important to narrow down your idea to what kind of game you are going to make first so that you can streamline your thinking. Decide if you want to emulate Monopoly, Clue, Life, or some other game, or be completely creative and try to come up with a new concept. You may even want to pull out a version of the type of game you are emulating so that you can keep track of all of the components that you need to design.

• Give it a title. Give your game a name so that it sounds official. Let everyone in the family make a suggestion and then vote on them. If there is a tie, let your aging parents be the ones who make the final decision.

• Make the pieces. Once you have come up with your concept, get to work making the actual components of the game. Feel free to spread this step out over several days. This is even a fantastic activity for your aging loved ones to do with their elderly health care services provider as a regular element of their care routine.

• Give it. If you love the game you have designed, consider utilizing the services of a printing company that makes custom games. Having a professional version of your family game made is an incredible, unique gift that any member of your family will not soon forget.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Saint Charles, IL, or the surrounding areas, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare of Schaumburg at 630-984-2041.

Paul Fisher

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