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Thanks again to Carmen - 2nd-time recognition!  Congratulations!!!

 Thanks to Angie our Caregiver of the Month!!!

Holiday Cheer and Caregiver of the Year!!  



Patricia is dedicated, Caring and always on time for a 6:00 AM start.  We appreciate all you do as does John and his family.

Thank you so much and Congratulations!

April Daisy

March  Holly

February  LeAnne

Yuliana is our Caregiver of the Month for January 2018

Thank you for being there for Jean, John, and Rosita over the busy holiday months.  We received such positive feedback and we always appreciate your pitching in when we need a little extra help from time to time.  Many thanks Yuliana!!!  And Congratulations:) 

Caregiver of the Month for December 2017 is Precy

Thank you Precy for being with us from the very beginning and for always bring your skills, dedication, and warmth into our families homes. We appreciate all you do each and every day!

Caregiver of the Month for November 2017 is Adelina

Thank you Adelina for your great compassion and desire to help your families in such a warm and loving way! We get fantastic feedback on a consistent basis from all the families you serve. We appreciate your willingness to help out on short notice from time to time and for always bringing a great attitude each and every day.

Many thanks Ade! This is a very well deserved recognition. Congratulations again!

"Only you Mary Lou" for October 2017

Famous Sports Illustrated heading from the 1984 Olympics

Our Marylou is also fantastic and so deserving of this prestigious recognition. Consistency and patience are the key qualities Marylou brings every day for her client families. We appreciate all you do for Suzanne and we know she appreciates you too. Congratulations and Thank You!


Congratulations Doreen 

Doreen has been so very loyal and makes herself as much as possible to hold and Care for her many families. Difficult situations do not make this CNA nervous and family feedback is always positive. Thank you, Doreen!



August is Susan!!!

Fantastic relationship we have with Sharon and her entire Caregiver team. Many Thanks, Susan for your consistency and dedication.

July 2017 we are proud to announce Ydania (Me Me) as our Caregiver of the Month!

Me Me has been truly outstanding in helping Miss Evelyn in mornings and evenings often five days a week, often on short notice. MeMe as she goes by brings a smile to her clients face and is always up for a new challenge. Thank you Ydania for your great efforts with your clients and for sharing SYNERGY HomeCare with friends and family members that you feel would be a good fit.

20170801_094126 (1)

June - 2nd time and 1st-time repeat winner is Amanda

Awarded for your effort to always make yourself available - we know you have a busy life at school and we appreciate your always stepping up when asked.


May Caregiver of the month is Lourdes

Always Energetic! Always willing to go the extra mile and always smiling too! Thank you, Lourdes, for your Compassion and patience with the families we are so fortunate to serve.


April Caregiver of the month is Nannie

Nannie has taken on many shifts at not always the most convenient times of the day. Any time we have a client request for a good cook we think of Nannie first and she puts in a great effort to prepare balanced meals for her families. Thank you, Nannie, for taking on more than sometimes you may want and for putting your families first! 

March Congrats go to Carmen

Carmen works primarily with two or three clients often both early mornings and evenings. We thank Carmen as she often finds a way to balance her home life with her clients' needs in mind. Carmen is always welcomed back by the families she meets and the feedback is so very positive! 

February 2017 we thank Jessica 

We thank Jessica for her many months of great Care and for always being there for us in a pinch. Jessica has moved South but our door is always open if she decides one day to come back to Illinois! 

January 2017 is Lovella!!!

We so appreciate Lovella for going way above and beyond all the time but especially over the Holidays and being on call during the busiest time of the year! Thank you, Lovella for all the great Care you deliver. Client feedback is ALWAYS so positive:)


Caregiver Corner 2015-2016

Aida SYNERGY Homecare Caregiver Of The Month For September

September Caregiver of the Month is Aida H.

Aida serves our company and our families with the highest degree of professionalism and compassion possible. In September there were occurrences when Aida was called on with very short notice in the early morning hours to fill a shift for a teammate and to be present for a family in need.

Aida has been a Caregiver for many years and still is a very quick learner and takes feedback to heart. She has proven she is a team player and is always willing to learn.

Thank you, Aida, for the dedication and commitment to our families in need. 

October Caregiver of the Month is Rosa

Rosa is our second Caregiver of the Month and has been with us from our very first case. Rosa also is a professional Caregiver with 20+ years of experience and comes to us to further serve families in need. Rosa brings a confidence, sweetness, and firmness to the most difficult cases and has proven strong with the most challenging of cases.

Thank you, Rosa, for your incredible work ethic and for being our very first Caregiver on our very first case!!!

November Job Fair a HUGE Success

With the holidays fast approaching the need for Caregivers increases and SYNERGY HomeCare is ready to serve the families and communities in which we reside. SYNERGY HomeCare and MYCNAJOBS.COM hosted a regional job fair in our Schaumburg office on Thursday, November 19th. Over 25 applicants attended and interviewed with owners of three SYNERGY locations. These events unite the highest qualified Caregivers with multiple agency owners leading to a wide variety of employment opportunities in the NW Suburbs.

 November Job Fair Mycnajobs And SYNERGY Homecare

November Caregiver of the Month is Judy

Thank you, Judy, for your dedication and compassion and always Great attitude!!!

Judy SYNERGY Homecare Caregiver Of The Month For November

December Caregiver of the Month is Maurine

Maurine is dedicated, hardworking and always shows great flexibility with her clients and puts them first!!

Thank you for your effort, Maurine!

Maurine SYNERGY Homecare Caregiver Of The Month For December

January Caregiver of the Month is Kathy

Kathy is one of our first team members and she is so appreciated. Kathy has made herself available to attend assessments when families ask to meet a SYNERGY HomeCare Caregiver and Kathy always delivers.

Thank you, Kathy! 

February Caregiver of the Month is Salvi

Salvi goes above and beyond for her families, often stopping by on her own time to check in with families in need.

Thank you, Salvi!

Salvi SYNERGY Homecare Caregiver Of The Month For February

Caregiver of the Month for March is Toni K.

Congratulations to Toni for her achievement and we thank you for your hard work and dedication. Toni serves families in Elgin, South Elgin, Carpentersville, Dundee, St. Charles, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights and Palatine.

The flowers shown are from her most recent client Don who was so appreciative and supportive of Toni as his Caregiver that he sent a dozen red roses to say Thanks! Well done again, Toni!


Thank you again to Maurine for your help at the Kenneth Young Event in Elk Grove Village. The center supports families in Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Itasca, Dundee, Carpentersville, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Elgin and St Charles.

You made a great impression with the entire staff. As a Caregiver, you connect first hand with the families and professional community. We are proud to have you on our team!

KY Center 1

Caregiver of the Month for April is Edith B.

It is with great satisfaction that we honor Edith this month as Edith has been so reliable and so compassionate with her clients. Edith works mostly in Arlington Heights and Palatine with clients that are considered very high need to include dietary needs, fall risks, bathing, and companionship. 

Thank you, Edith, for being so reliable for your early shifts and such a great addition to our growing team. 

Caregiver of the Month for May is Marissa or "Lisa" as she is lovingly called by the families she serves. 

Thank you, Marissa, for your dedication and willingness to help out when a family is in need - especially with short notice. We do appreciate you!!!


Leslie is our Caregiver of the Month for June - so proud of you Leslie!!!

Leslie goes above and beyond each week to ensure that her families have the attention and support they need. Above and beyond includes hospital visits and companion care to loved ones that are going through difficult and trying times. Thank you, Leslie, for your consistency and great updates week in and week out!


Jeannie is our Caregiver of the Month for July - Way to go Jeannie!!!

Jeannie brings dinner, she does yard work and she stays in great communication with the office regarding her families. Jeannie always goes above and beyond to ensure we know exactly what she sees and that the best interest of her client is being met. Jeannie, we are so glad to be working with you. Congrats!!!

Jeannie is the caregiver of the month for june and july

Two of our outstanding Caregivers present to Case Workers and Social Workers at AMITA Health in Hoffman Estates. Nice work and Thank you, Maurine and Jeannie!



Kervin has earned our Caregiver of the Month for August - all compliments and Thank You's from the families that Kervin has worked with in August.

Kervin is dedicated and loving and takes tremendous care of his clients - he makes himself available for all shifts that are both long and short putting his clients needs first. Thank you for such a great month on some very demanding cases. Many thanks!!!


Amanda WINS September Caregiver of the Month!!!!

Amanda has been so reliable and so flexible in working some long hours and often on short notice. Thank you, Amanda, for your dedication to your families and to always being there even while attending school during the week. Your efforts and client feedback are most commendable.


Thank you to Joyce! Our winner of October SYNERGY Caregiver of the Month!

Thank you to Joyce our October winner. Great feedback from your families week in and week out. We (and they) are so very lucky to have you in a time of need.


Thank you, Alex!! November SYNERGY Caregiver of the Month!

A BIG thank you, Alex, for all you do for our clients and for the office. We appreciate your effort and incredible attitude!


December 2016 goes to Stephanie!!!

Stephanie has done a fantastic job and feedback from her families is always very positive. Many long hours over the Holidays combined with her great attitude and flexibility put Stephanie in the spotlight for December. Thank you for all you do for your families!


We appreciate our caring staff.

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