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Client Testimonials

Are you curious to find out more about SYNERGY HomeCare? Take a moment to hear some of the great things our clients have to say about the exceptional home care services we provide.

best home care employer and provider

"C has been working for me for several weeks and has been very kind and thoughtful. C has been very considerate of my blindness and frailty and takes time to explain to me what she is going to do next when she is helping me eat my breakfast, during bathing and dressing and chair exercises. C is professional and confident in whatever task she is doing for me and extremely concerned and careful that I am safe and not at risk to fall as well as my slowness to eat due to a problem with swallowing. C has also taken very good care of my bedroom with changing sheets, vacuuming and dusting to make it a comfortable place to sleep. She is willing to learn whatever task or exercise needed to help me. I hope that she will continue to work with me as her schedule permits. C has helped me stay in my home and I so appreciate what she has done for me."

E. Cook, MA

"When we learned of the Synergy Team lead by Peter Sakelleriou, it was like breath of fresh air. After our Aunt lost her battle with cancer, it wasn’t long before our Uncle was in need of in-home care as well. The peace and caring that was offered again by the Synergy team was beyond wonderful. But that is Synergy’s method, always willing to go above and beyond for the benefits of those in their care. Both my wife and I could not be more appreciative of the efforts the Synergy team offered in the care of these two very special people in our lives. We would recommend them highly. Thanks again to the Synergy Home Care Team for their efforts on our behalf."

George Lambrides, MA

"I like the attention of detail from the very top. I like how several people are aware of the case and will contact you. They pay attention to make a good match."

-Rose Wright, MA

"They are very friendly, and they keep in touch."

-Joe and Kaye Graham, MA

"I would say that they've been accommodating and have always had someone available when needed."

-Marian Hoffart, MA

"I like the owner's personal handling of everything with me."

-Theresa Reed, MA

"I have a very helpful person from the agencies. You really never know who is going to come. They should just go with a recommended caregiver from a personal source."

-Prescott Crocker, MA

"I like the fact that the women had really compassionate hearts and strong faith."

-Patricia Lombardi, MA

"When I searched online for home care, I was struck by an ad for a company called Synergy HomeCare. Peter answered the phone, and he was kind, considerate and listened very intently to what types of needs I had. We met and it has been the best thing I ever did for myself and my 96 year-old mother. This company takes pride in their work and the delivery of service. They are very careful of who they pick, and they have guaranteed I would be taken care offrom Miriam and Marine, to even the owner Peter and his wife Shannon. I was drawn to this company and feel blessed. Anyone thinking twice need not to."

-Barbara J.  Sharon, MA

“We are so happy we found Synergy HomeCare! They stepped in to help when my father had a sudden health emergency—I don’t know what we would have done without their help!! The owners, Peter and Shannon, were extremely attentive to our needs and concerns, and went above and beyond! They both got to know my father personally and would check in on him and visit him “off the clock”, establishing a very caring relationship with him. When they had concerns about his recovery progress, they let us know and helped us to navigate the system. It was clear that their main concern was the welfare of my father and our family. This isn’t just a business for them—this is a ministry to help families and elders in need. We are so grateful for all the help and comfort they and their homecare workers provided us during a distressing and difficult period. Thank you so so much!" 

-Diana Y.  Brookline, MA

Excellent service, excellent people!  I am grateful for their assistance and recommend them highly for anyone needing Boston home care.  I am fortunate to have Peter and Reem! 

-C.K.  Norwood, MA

When our family was faced with the challenge of needing non-medical in-home health care, we turned to the team of Peter Sakellariou at SYNERGY HomeCare. Peter and his staff were responsive to the needs we presented, and went over and above in offering and following through with their services.  We would without hesitation recommend that if anyone needs the services that Peter provides, they should reach out to him. He is open, up front and very willing to discuss the options that are available to maintain the care needed for your loved ones at home.

-James C.  Wellesley, MA

Just wanted to thank you and your staff.  The service you provided was wonderful and when there was a problem you resolved it before I even had a chance to call and discuss.  Bottom line - while I was “on call” to assure my mother made it to the wedding and picture taking on time - I really didn’t need to be.  Tiahna recognized my mother’s needs and reacted accordingly and I was able to enjoy the weekend. Many thanks!

-Laurie S.  Lexington, MA

I have a special needs adult child and SYNERGY HomeCare is one of the only agencies that would work with him. SYNERGY HomeCare is very personable and actually came and met with me and with the caregiver. My son is not difficult, but I have had two other agencies that were not capable of helping him.  There is a lot of communication between the office and myself. The office checks in on the aide and with me. I once left for four days and the people at the office made sure everything was in order and came and walked me through what was going to happen. They were very very good to make sure I was comfortable.

SYNERGY HomeCare helped me find somebody who would be the best fit. They researched very hard. They thought about who would be best. There are few agencies that would care like my caregiver does at SYNERGY HomeCare. I am grateful for her. It's not easy to relinquish myself from his care, but my caregiver makes it easy.   She gives me peace of mind. I don't have to schedule my life as much anymore. I don't have to worry.  She gives him his meals and plays with and just takes care of him. She lets me have a breather.

-Catherine C.  Waltham, MA

Having caregivers from Synergy was a new experience for me and my family.  They were here to help care for my husband.  I can truly state that each one of the young women who came to help was very caring (as their title suggests). They were very willing to cook, clean, shop, do laundry--and any other chore asked of them.  Once they learned the routine, they didn't need to be asked--they just 'dove' into the chores--willingly and lovingly.

-V.L.  Canton, MA

SYNERGY HomeCare's office staff is very available and accommodating. The caregivers are a good match for my loved one because they are low-key, not overbearing, and not cold; they treat her with a lot of tenderness.The most helpful aspect of my loved one's services is the peace of mind I get to not worry about her when I have to leave to run errands in town. Her caregivers go above and beyond in trying to do anything that will make both her and me comfortable. They help her with dressing, bathing, and everyday chores that need to be done. They will also do some shopping for her. 

-Elaine B.  Norwood, MA

SYNERGY HomeCare is very compassionate and wonderful to be around. I've used them for transportation, and it's really nice that I can depend on them.  The caregivers arrive on time and provide companionship; they stay with me, and I'm not alone.  They are also very understanding and listen to me.  The office informs me of when their caregiver will be here and makes sure to send me the person that I ask for.

-Mary M.  Middleborough, MA

My son chose to go with SYNERGY HomeCare because he liked what he saw.   It is a local company, and they take responsibility for their services. My caregiver is very capable and can help me with my needs, especially with exercises. She is like a sergeant to me, which is what I need. My caregiver does what she has to do and is very helpful.

-M.F. in Norwood, MA

“I like the attention of detail from the very top. I like how several people are aware of the case and will contact you. They pay attention to make a good match. From my mom's perspective, she would say that her caregiver is caring and sensitive to her needs. She is an all around great person and worker.”

-Sharon, Chestnut Hill. MA

"I'm really so grateful for everything they do!  The workers receive good supervision; they follow through and have a plan for the day.  They're honestly interested and professional with what they do. Anytime I've contacted the office with a question, it has been answered quickly, efficiently, and respectfully.  I like the caregivers’ compassion because they have tender love and care. They are very thorough, helpful, and they check in regularly. They are compassionate which I like and they have a good understanding of the importance of the whole family. They have helped my husband with Alzheimer’s the most with a set schedule that is meaningful. This has given me confidence on those days that I am alone with him. They have given me skills to be with him. I like her kindness, ability to provide skillful distraction when needed, her manners, and her intelligence. They show him they care by playing games with him, amusing him, making him laugh, turn taking, and acknowledgement of him as a person."

-Kaitlyn, Westwood, MA

“The management is excellent. They reach out and do what they can do, and they are right on target with everything they do. I trust the caregivers to be in my home and help me with the things that I need. They are timely and here when I absolutely need someone. They are filling a space that needs to be filled, and I trust them.”

 -Theresa, Roslindale, MA

“SYNERGY HomeCare is excellent. They do what they say they are going to do. They have come up with good people. They are on time and trustworthy. It takes a big burden off of me for my wife with Alzheimer’s at home. Our caregiver Pat will clean the house, talk to my wife and keep her comfortable and sociable, and she is available when we need her.  I know she cares because she is like a friend. I appreciate that she is caring, friendly, and capable.”

-Robert, Newton, MA

“They saved me a lot of headaches because they came in to pick up my mother-in-law who had a broken foot and was in a wheelchair. I appreciate that they cared. It wasn't all business. They were normal people who had parents and children. They were on time and responsible. Also, the person who answered the phone and took my information was awesome. She called me back to confirm things. Also, the price was right.”  

-Maryann, Dedham, MA

"I talk to Peter a lot. They are really good. If something goes wrong, they tell me, and if I can not be there for my mom, they are.  They bring her to the doctors, give her a bath, and they are really great caregivers. They treat us really well, and if there is anything she wants, they do it."

-Carmen, Roslindale, MA

"We were the ones providing care, so it took some pressure off of the family.  The office is very helpful by sending me a schedule of who is working. They follow up with making sure our needs are being met. They are very available with communication.  The caregivers are trained on the Hoyer lift, sponge bathing and personal care, and they are very compassionate, gentle, and dependable."

-Kyle, West Newton, MA

"Even if there is an emergency in the home, they will do anything to take care of us.Their functions in an emergency have helped out so much.  They are friendly and good and resourceful. They are willing to do anything to help us."

-Valerie, Norwood,MA

"I like the way they talk to me. They are polite and accommodating. They do my laundry and take me shopping and to my doctor’s appointment. They help the most by being available to what I want when they come."

-George, Canton, MA

“They provided emotional and physical support.  The people were very kind and competent, and they had very caring attitudes.”

-Anne, Walpole, MA

"The services got my mom through a rough time. The office was helpful by answering my questions when I had them, and they checked in with us to see how things were going. The caregivers did what they were supposed to do, and more, while they were there. They were pleasant and conversational with my mom, so she was comfortable. They just provided excellent care!" 

-Laurie, Framingham, MA

"Aima shows up on time, does her job very well, and is professional at all times.  She does light housekeeping, meal preparation, and takes me to appointments. She is considerate of my needs, and works above and beyond what is required."

-Susan, Jamaica Plain, MA


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