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Our Values

SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Boston provides responsive and trustworthy home care solutions, with careful attention to the unique needs of each family and client.  We value our caregivers as the key persons who ensure our clients’ safety and comfort, with the highest quality of life possible, and we work collaboratively to facilitate the exceptional care of your loved ones.

Our approach to care is based on the following core values:


  • Being supportive, culturally sensitive, considerate
  • Ensuring independence & autonomy
  • Honoring our client’s past and valuing their present
  • Preserving dignity
  • Listening and learning how to best meet needs

We approach clients with respect for their dignity and autonomy, advocating for their maximum independence.   We respect each client’s cultural identity and touchstones, individualizing our plan of care accordingly. We respect the professionalism and contribution of the caregivers and the unique relationships they have with their clients. 


  • Working hard and conscientiously to meet needs
  • Being disciplined, reliable, and consistent 
  • Approaching clients with an attitude of helpfulness and engagement

We commit to serving our clients thoughtfully and diligently, being responsive and engaging in our care.  We meet clients’ needs with professionalism, through our reliability and consistency to serve them at the highest standard of care.


  • Differentiating and being flexible
  • Problem solving
  • Working together with families and caregivers--synergistically

We listen and respond to the unique needs of each client. We coordinate and communicate with the family and other care partners, drawing from all available resources, to find the best solutions for care.


  • Communicating with transparency and empathy
  • Following up with consistency and timeliness

We strive for open lines of communication between client, family and care team in a timely and consistent manner, to earn their trust and ensure their peace of mind.


  • Being committed and dedicated
  • Being reliable, honest, and ethical

We are professional, reliable, and ethical with clients’ safety and care, approaching each client as we would our own family member. 

As the leading home care provider in the Greater Boston area, we are dedicated to building relationships with our clients and meeting their every care need. If you or a loved one are seeking home care assistance, please fill out the form below or call us at 781-762-1114 anytime to speak with a member of our Care Team.


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