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Senior Independence Resources

Beginning Retirement

Your approaching retirement is cause for excitement and a well-earned rest from the daily grind. It also brings the need to look at your long term plan. Here are some websites that will start your retirement off on the right track.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Perhaps the most famous organization for retired people, AARP is a well-rounded source of information for the complete retiree. Be careful, with all the helpful tips, resources, pertinent articles and games, you might spend the rest of your retirement years glued to this site!
Visit the AARP

This question and answer-based site is easy to navigate, and chock full of information on issues to which you may have interest. If you are looking for an answer that is not already on the site, you can submit one and get a an expert response. Senior Health

Preparing for Retirement
Thinking ahead is one of the most important things you can do before your retirement. WebMD has some great tips on what to think about.
WebMD: Retirement Planning

50 Tips for Independence
Fans of tips sheets will love this blog talk radio article of 50 quick ways to improve your independence in any stage of life.
Read 50 Tips for Independence

Being a Smart Senior
Every senior needs a blog that speaks to them. This regularly updated blog is a great source of information for many senior needs.
Read Being a Smart Senior

Advanced Senior Living

Seniors and Depression
The combination of inactivity, living alone, lack of socialization and many other parts of a typical senior life can lead to depression. If you think you may be depressed, or know a senior who is depressed, here are a few tips.
Learn more on
Learn more on

Seniors and Alcoholism
Suffering from alcoholism in elder age is not uncommon. Learn more at

Avoiding Fraud and Scams
Unfortunately, the elderly are frequently targeted in financial scams and various types of abuse. Lately, the call against elder abuse has become louder. Whether you are a victims of abuse or want to guard against it, here are a few websites for you.
Stop Senior Scams
FBI: Senior Frauds and Scams
National Center on Elder Abuse

Preparing for Alzheimer's
The possibility of having the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease, or receiving a diagnosis is always jarring to the person with this condition. While the future may seem very bleak, you can still take charge of your life, and decide how everything will be handled as your disease progresses.
MayoClinic: Preparing for Alzheimer's
WebMD: Alzheimer's Guide for Family Caregivers Alzheimer's, Dementia and Family Caregivers

Living Alone
After the children have families of their own, or after the death of a spouse, you may join the many seniors who live alone. This can be difficult, especially when you are used to companionship. Here are some websites that will help you as you continue to live alone.
Living Alone After Retirement
Tips for Seniors Living Alone

As our bodies age, we have less and less control over them. Incontinence can be embarrassing and often unmanageable. Here are a few tips to help you as you continue to live independently with incontinence.
Controlling Urinary Incontinence
The Types of Incontincence

A lifetime of memories can turn into an overabundance of things. Some seniors live in unsanitary or unsafe environments, simply because getting rid of things is too difficult. Learn more about hoarding and seniors here.
Senior Hoarding Issues

Taking medication is something you can control. It is hard to forget that you need to take your medication, but it is easy to forget when to take it and your particular dosage. Here's a website that can help.

Supporting Family Caregivers

We are excited to officially announce the Arms Around Family Caregivers 2011 kickoff! Last year we gave your six references from four different websites. This year we heard your calls for more resources, and have many more sources to choose from for family caregiving information.

General Family Caregiving

Here is some general information about family caregiving, and some great tips and tricks for you to take home to your loved one in need.

"Becoming a 'parent of your parent' - an emotionally wrenching process"
This USA Today artiucle was published over three years ago, but the story hold true today, and the number of family caregivers has grown. For a story that you as a family caregiver might identify with, read on.
Read this article in USA Today

Caregiving Supplies
When you are a family caregiver, items like wheel chairs, instructional videos and other accessories are an everyday must. Whether you are gathering supplies for a loved one or no longer have need for them, Sharing Store is a great place for you.
Find Caregiving Supplies and Equipment

Caregiving Quizzes
Sometimes the best way to measure your activity as a family caregiver is with a quiz. See how you are doing with the quizzes "Is your Blow-Up Around the Corner?", "It this Normal?", "Are you on Overload?", and "How well do you Bounce Back?". Quizzes
Oprah: The Stress Detector Test

Family Caregiving and Cancer
The news that your loved one has cancer can be a shock. Dr. Phil has great tips on what to do when you are the family caregiver of someone with cancer.
Dr. Phil: When Cancer Strikes the Family

Strength for Family Caregivers
The Strength for Caring site has three sections that can help you: "Just for Caregivers", "Caring for Others" and "Connecting Caregivers", not to mention a Resource Center. For lots and lots of great information, visit this website.
Strength for Caregiving

Specific Family Caregiving Topics

Caring for your Parents
As your parents age, it is heartbreaking to see them have more and more difficulty moving, remembering facts and caring for themselves. Here are a few sites to help you through this challenging experience.
Family Caregiver Support Groups

Aging Parents and Elder Care

Being Sandwiched
If you are caring for our parent s and your children simultaneously, you are part of the "Sandwich Generation".
Video: The Sandwich Generation

Time Management
One of the hardest things for family caregivers to find is time. While working, caring for your loved one, cooking, cleaning and often being involved on community events, time is a precious resource. Learn more about time management skills and how to develop them here.
Family Caregiver Time Management

Eating Quick, Eating Right
Hand-in-hand with time management is making quick, easy and nutritious meals for the whole family. Cooking Light has some great recipes for you to use.
Quick and Healthy Cooking

Family Caregiving and Your Siblings
When your parent is ill and you need help caring for them, your siblings may be the first people you turn to for respite. What do you do when your siblings are unwilling or unable to help you? Find out with this article from the Family Caregiver Alliance
Maintaining Sibling Relationships

Caring for your Spouse
Depending on your background, marriage ceremonies are conducted differently. The one universal element of marriage is that two people pledge to be there for each other - no matter what. When you are a family caregiver for your spouse, you know that you needs to be there "In sickness and in health", but you could use some support. Here's a great website for you.

Part of family caregiving is saying goodbye to your loved one after they have passed on. This site offers advice and support as you grieve.
Grief Recovery

Honoring the "Veterans" of 9/11

We are honored to once again serve our nation's veterans through another comprehensive list of resources. We strive to support veterans of all ages and their families. Please look at the list below to find information that will help you, your veteran and your American family.

In Memorial -September 11, 2001
These resources are published in conjunction with the 10 th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. These resources are for the families affected by September 11.
Families of September, 11
9/11 Memorial
9/11 Families
The 9/11 Foundation

The Post- 9/11 GI-Bill
Veterans who served after 9/11 can benefit from this educational and housing support from the government. To see if you qualify for the benefits provided by the Post- 9/11 GI Bill, visit this website.
Understanding the Post 9/11 GI-Bill

The Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010
This new act, signed into law on May 6, 2011, is a new benefit for both family caregivers and veterans. With the help of this act, the VA can use healthcare outside the VA system to serve more veterans, veterans in rural areas will be better served, women veterans will receive better benefits, and childcare will be given to injured veterans, among others.
Improving Health Care of Veterans

The 9/11 Blogger

Veterans Support Foundation
This nonprofit organization provides educational and humanitarian outreach to veterans throughout the nation. Find out more at this website.
Veterans Support Foundation

Veterans Support Organization
This site is dedicated to "making a difference, one donation at a time". Veterans can request housing, services or grants. Those interested in supporting veterans can donate.
Veterans Support Organization

USA Veteran Support
The USA Veteran Support site helps veterans and their families. Veterans can find VA hospitals here. Dependents of veterans can receive support, and veterans can make claims for benefits. These are also blogs to read and games to play!
USA Veteran Support

Soldiers Angels
This organization assists injured soldiers, and attempts to provide the medical care or supplies they may need.
Soldier Angels: Veterans Support

Purple Star Veterans and Families
Transitioning from military to civilian life can be very difficult for a veteran. This organization helps you to adapt successfully.
Veterans and Families

Disabled American Veterans
This nonprofit organization "builds better lives for America's disabled veterans". They also provide support for disasters around the country.

US Wounded Soldiers Foundation
Injured soldiers and troops need medical and emotional care as they rehabilitate.
The Wounded Soldiers Foundation

Operation Injured Soldiers
Are you a wounded warrior who wants to play sports and participate in your old hobbies again? Operation Injured Soldiers can help.

Wounded Warrior Project
According to the Wounded Warrior Project, "the greatest casualty is being forgotten". Their vision is "to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded warriors".
The Wounded Warrior Project

Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
This organization helps veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.
The Coalition for Veterans

Veterans History Project
Our soldiers are an important part of our history that should not be forgotten. The Veterans History Project preserves the memory of their courage.
The Veterans History Project

Memorial Day Concert
This site is dedicated to the 2011 Memorial Day Conert on PBS. Though Memorial Day has passed, the resources offered on this page are very beneficial.
Relive the PBS Memorial Day Concert

For Veterans of Wars Past

The brave veterans past wars deserve all the benefits available. These sites will help them find programs for them.

World War II
Social Security for WWII Veterans

Korean War
Korean War Veterans Association

Vietnam War
Vietnam Veterans of America

Gulf War
Gulf War Veterans Resources

Credit: Synergy of Houston, TX

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