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Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

As healthcare policymakers have taken a harder look at medical care delivery and costs, they are telling ussomething very interesting about the statistics. And that is, a good portion of our nation's healthcare bill is drivenby a set of lifestyle choices which are resulting in chronic conditions, disabilities, and death that otherwise arepreventable! These very two ideas- lifestyle choices contributing to chronic conditions and chronic conditions thatotherwise are preventable- provide a doorway for shifting our thinking about health. If we are to be a healthiernation and want to slow down the high cost of medical care, why not flip our approach to healthcare by focusing notjust on illness-response but on illness-prevention? Why not manage healthcare from the "wellness" vantage point?

Today, healthcare providers, many smart employers and communities across the U.S. are embracing the shift.
Their focus: illness prevention through health promotion and wellness programs. As costs associated withhealthcare continue to rise, the cost of staying healthy, choosing healthy lifestyles, and preventing illness in the firstplace, is significantly less. 

For more information check out what Traveler's Insurance has to say in their newsletter about this topic.$FILE/384%20Health%20Promotion-LP%20Tool.pdf

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