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Keeping Seniors Independent

As we grow older, some of the simplest tasks can become challenges. Life Care Centers of Elizabethton, Gray and Greeneville understand the fears and doubts that can come with aging.  And, we want to give you the support and confidence to overcome those fears and live life independently. We recognize the importance of independent living and strive to help residents reach their goals to live a healthy lifestyle on their own.

February marks National Senior Independence Month. Take this opportunity to evaluate your current living situation; notice the strengths and weaknesses in your daily routine and make adjustments for a better lifestyle. Ask yourself: What holds you back? What could make daily living easier? Minor adjustments can make a huge difference.

Home Safety Tips
Use these techniques to make your home a place you can live safely and independently.

  •  Brighten Up-Check that every room is well lit, and make any lighting replacements where needed. Installing night-lights throughout the house-especially in dark corners and along staircases-can help improve nighttime visibility and prevent trips and falls over unseen objects.
  •  Clear Clutter-Keep floors and walkways clear of unnecessary items, such as clothes, books, papers and trash. An alteration as simple as shifting the furniture can be valuable for those who may have balance or vision problems. Move any furniture, wiring or other obstructions, and make sure all pathways are clear enough to move freely without fear of harm.
  • Get a Grip-Install grab bars and handrails in the restrooms near the shower, bathtub and toilet. Using non-slip mats and placing double-sided tape under rugs can also help minimize slips.
  • Open Access-Everything should be easily accessible, including the refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, doors and shelving. Also, place items on the lower levels of shelves for easier reach.

Stay Active to Avoid Accidents
Did you know that daily exercise could help reduce the risk of falls? In fact, being inactive is one of the major risk factors of falls in older adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Don't let fear of injury keep you from engaging in daily exercise. With your physician's approval, take part in these activities to help make your fall prevention power greater:

  • Flowing and stretching exercises, such as T'ai Chi and yoga, are known to help restore balance and joint flexibility.
  • Mild strength training-with and without weights-can help strengthen your muscles, joints and bones, making it less likely that you will fall or become injured from a fall.
  • Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do, and it comes with many benefits, including improved balance, strength and endurance.

  • By Lindsay Paris, Health and Wellness Magazine

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