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The Benefits of eBooks

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While many of us still love turning the paper pages of a good book, eBooks are certainly worth a second look.  They frequently make reading easier and more convenient.

Benefits include:

  • Free download - Farmington Area.  Library cardholders are able to download books free of charge via the MetroNet Library Consortium (Farmington Public library and a hand full of other local libraries).  For online downloads, you simply need your card number and an approved eReader (e.g., Kindle, etc.)
  • Storage. Those who own a lot of books are able to make room on their shelves by purchasing digital versions of the books and donating the hardcopies to make space for other "treasures".  This is also a real plus for those deciding to downsize their living arrangements.
  • Price.  eBooks purchased from national sources (e.g., Amazon, etc.) are frequently cheaper because there are no printing fees associated with the copy.
  • Speed.  You are able to gain access to the book immediately.  No waiting to read new releases from your favorite authors.
  • Font Adjustments.  eBooks allow you to change the color and the size of the font to help ease eye strain.
  • Back Lighting.  eReaders come with built-in reading lights.  This makes reading in bed or other dark places a breeze.  No need for cumbersom "book lights."

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