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How Memory Impairment Factors Into In-Home Care

Watching your loved one struggle with any form of dementia is heartbreaking for all parties involved. The caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare have received specialized training to help families cope with memory impairment and strive to maintain a high quality of life for every individual for whom we provide care.

What are my options for dementia care?

This is a real struggle for many families. Many people want to care for their loved ones, but hold out on obtaining any kind of assistance for as long as possible, which sometimes turns out to be too long. If your loved one is at the point where they can no longer be safely left alone due to decline in mental abilities, obtaining some form of care is virtually a requirement. You can’t be expected to be everywhere at once – that burden is simply too big for anyone to bear, and chances are your loved one wouldn’t want you to sacrifice your own happiness either.

Many assisted living communities have highly effective memory care centers, but safety doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness. When you work with SYNERGY HomeCare, you can be sure you’re working with caregivers who have specialized memory care training. These professionals are committed to helping our clients maintain as much of their independence as possible while still living safely.

Is there anything I can do to slow down dementia?

Two things that SYNERGY HomeCare’s caregivers provide that have been shown in studies to potentially slow the progress of dementia are socialization and mental exercises. Our in-home caregivers will help stimulate your loved one’s mind by interacting with them, socializing with them and keeping them mentally engaged. This can range from solving puzzles and reading to dancing and board games.

Additionally, diet is one of the factors that has been linked to some memory concerns and with food preparation being one of the many in-home care services we provide, you can rest assured your loved one’s caregiver will help them maintain any type of regimented dietary restrictions you or your loved one’s primary care providers prescribe.

How will I know which memory care option is right for my loved one?

The most important thing you can do in this regard is research and educate yourself. At SYNERGY HomeCare we’re committed to our services and providing realistic solutions. That’s why we offer every family a complimentary in-home assessment, at which time we’ll meet with you and your loved one to determine their current level of cognitive impairment and inform you about our services and how they can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.

We’re committed to being a reliable partner in your loved one’s care, and look forward to discussing possible solutions for the betterment of you and your loved one’s quality of life.

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.