Low levels of Vitamin D and Hip fractures


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Low levels of Vitamin D and Hip fractures

Well it’s that time of year, the start of the New Year, but more importantly the shortest amount of day light.  Here in Rochester we compound this with significant amount of overcast days.  It has been medical proven that reduce exposure to sun light causes a reduction in the amount of bone building vitamin D in a person’s bloodstream, and this reduction significantly increase the chances of hip fracture.

Now we in Southeastern Michigan may say; it’s to cold to go outside, there is too much snow outside and that it to overcast and that may be true.  But a recently study of 1,539 patient in sunny San Diego found that they had the same problem with low levels of vitamin D.  The study included patients ranging in age of 18 to 102 years of age.

The conclusion is that as a society we are sending way too much time indoors.  Here in Oakland County we have a fantastic park system that is just as beautiful in January as it is in June.  So dress warmly and get outside, even if it’s for 10 minutes and soak up the suns energy to improve your bone strength and reduce the likelihood of a fracture hip.

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