Moderate exercise can fight Alzheimer’s


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Moderate exercise can fight Alzheimer’s (1)

Exercising for 150 minutes at week, 22 minutes per day, may be the best treatment for Alzheimer’s according to the University of Maryland School Of Public Health.  Their study revealed that exercise could improve cognitive function in people at risk for Alzheimer’s by increasing brain activity.  The study consisted of 17 participants with mild cognitive impairment, they were asked to walk on a treadmill at moderate intensity for a 12 week period.  What is interesting is this level of exercise is in line with physical activity recommendations for older adults.  

After the 12 week period the participants were given a memory test to identify famous names as their brain activity was measured. The second was a list learning task. This test involved the participants recalling words read to them from a list over five consecutive attempts, and again after being distracted with a different list.

The results of the memory test showed that the study participants improved their neural efficiency - basically they were using fewer neural resources to perform the same memory task.

This means that moderate exercise for 150 minutes per week is more effective in improved memory recall that any medication currently available.

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