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Contribute to Your Own Brain Health.

SYNERGY HomeCare of Rochester, Michigan would like to invite our friends to contribute to your own brain health. Having an excess of consumed calories might make your stomach feel good but can account for mental fatigue that shuts down your whole system. An overload of simple sugars causes cells to become deadened, so instead why not consume vitamin D that promotes memory and attentiveness? Or the body’s micro flora’s which are microorganisms found in your gut that plays major roles in your physical and emotional health?

OPC’s Vintage News recommends consuming foods that boost your brain power, adequately hydrating yourself, getting adequate sleep, performing brain fitness activities, listening to music, purchasing aromatherapy oils, as well as engaging in positive self talk.

These activities can promote your brain function as well as slow down the onset of dementia. SYNERGY HomeCare of Rochester hopes you participate in these great activities and find them useful for yourself as well as your family and friends.

Visit for more great ways to keeping your brain in tip top shape with their handful of “Free Online Brain Games.”

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