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Air Travel with a Wheelchair

Dreams of air travel should not be squelched because of the need to travel with a wheelchair.  America's major airline carriers provide their customers that use wheelchairs with extended services that include:

  • Assisted transport through airports
  • Boarding assistance
  • Pre-boarding privileges
  • Wheelchair storage solutions
  • Assistance getting to and into airplane seat
  • Specialized assistance coordinators

Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  Detroit Metropolitan airport's website advises passengers, "Customers departing from North Terminal who require wheelchair assistance can request it by asking any member of airport or airline stagg at the departure curb, or using courtesy phone located at Level 4 pedestrian bridge information booth.

Customers departing from McNamara Terminal who require wheelchair assistance may be dropped off at Door #4 on the Departure (upper) level.  Look for the sign for wheelchair assistance, where a passenger service agent will be standing by to help upoad your vehicle.

Remember vehicles may not be left unattended for any reason or for any length of time at the terminal curbs.  If you're dropping-off a traveler who requires wheelchair assistance, we suggest leaving the traveler in the car while the driver locates the passenger service assistant."

Click here for Metro Airport details.

Airline Assistance.  Below you wil find links to carrier service details and contact information:

Your friends at Synergy HomeCare of Rochester also recommend that you:

  • Have your wheelchair inspected to make sure it is in good working order prior to departure
  • Label all movable parts with your name and information
  • Notify the airlines that you will be traveling with a wheelchair, well in advance of departure.  Ask that they gate check your chair when you arrive at the gate.
  • If you are unable to walk at all request the following information from the airport (via your carrier) well in advance of your travel date
    • Ask that they have an aisle chair available to get you from the gate to your seat and 
    • Ask if they will have an aisle chair available to get you from your seat to the restroom once the plan is in transit (the chair that took you from the gate to your seat returns to the airport gate).
  • If your chair is foldable, fold it and secure it with a strap or duct tape-it will be much less likley to get damaged this way.
  • Remove the leg supports and cushions (they can be easily lost in transit) and put them in your carry-on luggage.
  • Get a claim check receipt from the staff before you allow them to check your chair.

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