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Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day, celebrated in more than 192 counties is an annual event held on April 22nd. First brought to light in 1970, Earth Day supports environmental protection. Synergy HomeCare of Rochester, Michigan knows Earth Day is all about Mother Nature and our staff hopes to share some fun activities for you and your entire family to enjoy.

Reusing recyclables, recycling unused recyclables, creating a fun compost bin, planting a tree, taking a walk through nature, crafting a bird feeder, as well as turning off unused lights make a significant difference. Did you know that rotting fruits & vegetables are great for our environment? Compositing organic wastes make for great compost. It improves the quality of your soil. Create a compost bin out of a plastic container, cut air holes in the containers top, put your organic wastes in, cap, and wait three months. After three months your plants will thrive. Children can decorate the container any way they’d like and assist with gathering materials to add to their new compost bin. Washable paints as well as stickers are two great ways to decorate your new compost bin.

Synergy HomeCare of Rochester hopes this is a great activity for the entire family. Let’s celebrate Earth Day together!

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