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Exercise Trackers

Health and wellness are important goals for almost everyone.  Over time, many people have developed healthier lifestyes and are following specific routines.  As with any routine, paperwork inevitably follows.  

"How far did I walk today?"  

"How much protein was in the food I ate?"  

In the last couple of years, a number of devices have appeared to help those following a better lifestyle keep track of their daily movement.  

You may have seen family and friends walking around with exercise trackers of one variety or another.  Some of the most popular trackers today are ones that can be worn, or more accurately, wrapped around a wrist.  They allow tracking of movement and monitor periods of inactivity and sleep.

The biggest names in the industry seem to be: Fitbit, Jawbone UP and the Nike Fuelband.

Last month, the New York Times also took notice of this new trend and reviewed a number of trackers on the market today.  "The Well Guide to Activity Tracers" was published on June 18th.  See their web site (

The best part about these trackers is that they are reasonably priced with the most expensive topping out at $200, with most models priced considerably less.  Note that the web sites supporting these devices may charge a fee to access and review the data they generate. 

These exercise trackers perform their function without using a lot of energy, the downfall of many Smartphone apps geared to the exercise aficianado.  From a standpoint of convenience, they appear to hit the mark.  Consider using this new tool to help you set and keep a healthy routine!

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